Wednesday, July 27, 2016

I'm possible | Think big


This is a special shout out to my niece S who has been scoring big in her college exams each and every semester, masha Allah : D

A dean's lister she is almost every term. Even if she missed it, it's just by 0.8 or less! I am so very proud of her. Alhamdulillah wa shukrulillah. Seeing her doing well is a constant "lesson" for me and my family because when S was in primary school, she was way behind in her studies. We never really expected her to come out so strong. There were times when we even joked about the kind of job she might end up doing. LOL. Shame on me, Maths was impossible for me, yet it's super easy for S. She sure is possible. 

We all are possible even if people think otherwise. I remembered about ten years ago, one of the "bosses" thought I was a liability to my team. I hope somebody tells him that I'm now an asset, he might not know cos he quit the race.

What is the lesson here? Methinks, it's part effort and part Allah's decree to grant success to anyone He wishes.

Yes, I'm possible. Me!

Think big! The future is yours to create.

Because some of you have requested to see more of me here on this space, so here I am. I missed you too. I missed this space too!

S - glad you enjoyed and were inspired by the Japan-trip reward!  

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