Friday, August 12, 2016

From a distance | A little closer


I was delighted to get a little closer to the KL Tower as can be seen in below photo.

I have been sharing many shots of the lonely tower from a distance. It felt good to see her standing so close before my eyes, for once.

It's always good to see things from a different perspective every now and again. It's not good enough to view a thing from a distance because you would surely miss its finer beauty. And the reverse is also true. Certain things appear to have more splendor when you view it from a greater distance. Having been to Mount Fuji, I know this to be true.

But it's not just about catching a thing's beauty. It's about getting to know a thing/person/situation better, be it from afar or near. If you have only seen something from a distance or a certain angle, then you should try to shift your viewpoint. It's always better to have both a micro and macro perspective. Everyone wants to be understood if not loved. Every thing, even the inanimate beings, all deserve an appreciation, regardless from near or far.  

KL Tower - a little closer - August 2016

KL Tower from a distance - Nov 2015

"From A Distance" is one of two inspirational songs by Bette Midler I love. The other one must be your favorite too - "The Wind Beneath My Wings".

Remember to appreciate the one who always walk a step behind us, who is always ready to catch us in case we trip and fall, in case we need to just stop for a moment to take a breather or pause to make sense of it all and have that loyal someone to lend his/her ears. Be thankful for the wind beneath our wings, people whose quiet presence allow us to fly.

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