Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Malaysia is 59 | We all get what we tolerate | #iamnotyourguru



Pronounce it this way: mer (as in mercedes) - they - car.

That, in Malay, means freedom.

Today, the 31st of August is Malaysia's Independence day. We are 59! Alhamdulillah. 

We will not know what it feels like to be 59 as a person until we turn 59, God willing. By the way, I want to be real and level headed like someone who is 77 - my mother.  Thank God for my mother.

Frankly speaking I didn't mind missing the Merdeka fireworks display at KLCC last night as I was immersed in another real fireworks - Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru. 

It's  a documentary by Joe Berlinger, about Tony Robbins at work, at his "Date With Destiny" event. If I could sum it up in three words, I'd say: emotional, inspirational, empowering. You gotta see it for yourself folks. [But just ignore the adult language used in the film ok.] 

Two takeaways of many takeaways from the docu:
"Our entire life changes in a moment."

"We all get what we tolerate."

What's great about Tony Robbins, whom I experienced for the first time through Joe Berlinger's documentary is that, he is real. He described himself as "not a surface man", it's about what's deep inside. Of course, what's on the surface is just that -- skin-deep. The real is buried deep. And it takes a skilled practical psychologist like him to unmask the layers of shells and coverings that hide a person's true state - emotions (usually negative emotions such as despair, anger, hatred) and issues. But then again emotions and issues are interchangeable as a cause and effect that get deposited over time underneath a person's mask.    

Yeah...we all need fleeting fun like fireworks, sometimes, perhaps to escape to the happy comfortable zone before we leave the show and get back to the real show of life. And that's when we will need real fireworks that could crack us up for good, free us up for real so that we could function as best we can.

Happy Merdeka, Malaysians!

  • Merdeka is about sleeping in one's own bed in one's own house.
  • Merdeka is about not letting anyone bully you - people who make you sleep in the car, in your own house. (LOL)
  • Merdeka is about speaking up and telling off people who try to bring you down just because they think they are holier than you or if they try to undermine your rights.
  • Merdeka is about speaking one's mind with no fear.
  • Merdeka is about having the freedom to choose what good things you want in and what bad things you want out in your mind and in your life.
Since we all get what we tolerate, so let's tolerate only the real and the positive.


This was taken on 25th Aug 2016.
Captured it as I thought the KL Tower looked sleek in green and purple.
Last night on the eve of our 59th Merdeka (31st Aug 2016)
I noticed the KL tower looking flashy in a variety of colors - yellow/white/red/blue.
Yes, you guessed it right - the colors of our flag : )
Thank God for Malaysia!

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