Monday, August 1, 2016

Multipli-City | August company


I am secretly liking the fact that this space has got more audience from the UAE and Europe than Malaysia. Yes it's nice to see how people embrace life in different parts of the world.

I love driving up to my hometown Penang conveniently. Was there last weekend - the last weekend of Syawal, Alhamdulillah to go jaunting in multiple cities back and forth. Singapore again soon, Insha Allah. Each city has got its own unique appeal of course.

Chic cafes and vibrant malls aside, my eyes have got a strange attraction to old men on bikes LOL. I think I have got several photos like these captured in Melaka. This one was taken in Penang. In the background is my favourite Nasi Kandar/Nasi Tomato stall. People often talk about Nasi Kandar in Penang, but as a true Penangite, I have a thing about Nasi Tomato (Tomato Rice). I know where to find the three best Nasi Tomato in Penang for early dinner, breakfast and supper : D

I think people who cook great food religiously are highly spiritual people. They do their best and only serve the best. Only people who have got a good zest for life have the passion to cook good meals. Now, do you still wonder why Penang is famous for great food? LOL.

One of my post-retirement project is to share (as in sell) dalcha (dhall with veges and chicken/mutton) the way my mom cooks it because people need to be educated and reminded how a decent dalcha should be LOL.


Praise be to Allah Al Kareem - to be home, randomly switched on the telly and there was this show about beautiful sea-front homes in Scotland! OMG praise the generous Lord - the giver of joy here and there and everywhere. In fact, we should realize that in August and in each and every month, we are in august company always - He the Creator of beautiful moments!


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