Tuesday, August 30, 2016

My breakfast - Their breakfast | The Budimas Charitable Foundation


We all woke up to heavy rain in KL this morning. As always my duty is to ask my mother what she would like to have for breakfast. So I drove to the nearby stall across our condo, yes drove as it was raining cats and dogs. I usually walk. Alhamdulillah for my mother, praise be to the Lord for a beautiful day and for a decent breakfast. Like most Malaysians, I had Nasi Lemak and my mother had Fried Koay Teow for breakfast. Like other privileged KL-lites we sometimes have exquisite bread and pastries for breakfast. 

Before I left for office [Alhamdulillah for being gainfully employed] I grabbed a stack of mails and one particular mail from Farah, Ali, Chong & Friends of the Budimas Orion caught my attention and brought tears to the eyes.

The Budimas Charitable Foundation is a non-profit organization which supports orphans and underprivileged children through three key initiatives: 
- home [Budimas Home Charity Fund]
- food [Budimas Food Charity]
- education [Budimas Education Charity Fund]

The Budimas Foundation is under the distinguished Royal patronage of Her Majesty the Queen of Malaysia. Funds are for managing the Budimas Orion (the home where Farah, Ali, Chong & Friends live) and for supporting 20 other charitable homes throughout Malaysia where 1,100 orphans live.

The foundation also does another thing which I myself had benefitted when I was in primary school. I enjoyed free breakfast for several years when I was at Island Girls' School in Penang. The Budimas Charitable Foundation provides breakfast for more than 4800 underprivileged children in rural schools nationwide. Breakfast, no doubt, is the most important meal of the day. It is even more important for school children. Imagine them having to go through lessons and class activities on an empty stomach. 

When you have your breakfast tomorrow, think about the possibility of sharing a bit of your monthly expenses, to "buy" breakfast for some 4800 children across Malaysia.

Malaysians had once helped a child like me have breakfast at primary school. I benefitted from it. I urge you to share your breakfast budget with the young ones. In the video below, you'll get to see their faces and hear their voices. Their story is such a beautiful story. I'm surprised and sad that to date, the video has got under 200 views. 

Please visit www.budimas.org for more information and please consider joining their Direct Debit Donor Program (DDDP).

I came to know about DDDP at a mall in KL. That was after three of the Foundation staffs tried to distract me from shopping. I must have appeared snobbish and selfish to them! You know there are many organizations/individuals out there trying to raise funds. But I am grateful and thankful for the persistent and polite Budimas staffs who pulled me aside to explain about this wonderful charitable foundation.

I hope you'd find time to view the video below and be inspired to sign up for the DDDP.   
Thank you!

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