Sunday, September 18, 2016

Remembering Dr Haron Din - Malaysia's foremost spiritual healer | A caliph buried in Calif


He was a household name really. He was well known among the Muslim communities in Malaysia for his prowess as a spiritual healer.

On occasions, spiritual healing is synonymous with physical healing, as far as his knowledge and skills was concerned. Yes, I think that's what all the popular religious Muslim/Malaysian personalities should aspire to be. They should move beyond preaching theories. They should get actively involved in caring for the Muslims, in sickness and in health. Most of them probably are, but Dr Haron Din shall remain a benchmark for a long time.
Dr Haron Din or Dato Dr Haron Din (1940 - 16 September 2016) passed away on a historical date for Malaysia - it was Malaysia Day. He was 76 when he died on a foreign land 8,000 miles away. He was in California seeking healing. Dr Haron Din passed away at Stanford University Hospital on the best of days - Friday.    

Dr Haron Din had not been in the best of health, yet he kept active doing charity work. The last stint was about two weeks prior to his demise. Masha Allah. Surely his legacy, especially in healing through Islamic methods, will stay alive through Darussyifa' Treatment Centers which he founded in 1988. After 28 years, Darussyifa' has trained some 6,000 healers and as if to "seal" his decades of hardwork and dedication, Dr Haron Din had just recently set up the Darussyifa' Foundation, channeling humanitarian aids to worthy recipients.


Like most Malaysians, I was surprised to learn about his passing in California. As I read the news report of his death, hearing about his final passage in San Francisco, Stanford, Santa Clara, Livermore, the whole Bay Area - brought shivers down my spine. I lived in Calif for two years of my life. It's unimaginable to have one prominent Malaysian muáleem choosing to be buried at such a faraway place. But of course, "No one knows in what land he shall die, surely Allah is Knowing, Aware." And we know not which part of the Earth shall envelope our lifeless body. And we know not who will be our final neighbor.

But then again, for a learned, areef and abid like Dr Haron Din, he shall "live" forever more in Livermore and it does not matter where he gets buried in the end, for he is seeing his Rabb no matter where!

Innalillah wa inna ilai hirajiun.

Photo credit:
Dr Haron Din breathed his last breath at Stanford
(a little to the left of Palo Alto seen on the map/left of the Bay);
then taken for prayers at the Muslim Community Association in Santa Clara
(southeast of Stanford)
and then to the final resting place at Livermore
(northeast from Santa Clara)

Al Fatihah to Dr Haron Din,
his new neighbor Nelson Yero Lecky and all others
at Five Pillars Farm Cemetery
in Livermore, California.
Dr Haron Din - a caliph buried in Calif.

- Interesting read about California tracing its origin to the Arabic word Caliph:
- The California State Assembly passed a bill declaring August 2016 as "Muslim Appreciation and Awareness Month". California has the largest Muslim population in USA (1 million), and the biggest number of mosques (240 masjid) than any other states in USA.  


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