Friday, September 9, 2016

The number of waves in the oceans | Friends of hujjaj


Subhan is Allah who is Most Merciful, Al Wali, He is the Protecting Friend and non-discriminating at that.

Delighted to have received greetings from a colleague who is presently at Makkah. Kinda honored that of all people (office-mates) he sent a message to yours truly. Kind thoughts from a hujjaj is ever so precious. Every year there is at least one friend of mine who goes for hajj and that means my duá "reach" the Haramain and my name gets mentioned in a petition. Alhamdulillah for this special blessing. And this year I have got three reps. Ya Hu!

I was moved not just because this person remembered me. It's touching because he is who he is and he gets to perform hajj even though he's known to be relatively "less religious" than most people at the office. People weren't expecting him to undertake the pilgrimage. But of course Allah is Ever Compassionate, He chooses and invites whomever He wills. What about those who look down on him? does not matter, does it?

I suspect this friend of mine is more nervous than an average would-be hujjaj. I could feel him. When I said "Take care N", his simple reply of "Thank you" seemed loaded with emotions and hope. Let's pray so that N, our friends and families in Makkah all remain in good physical and mental health. May Allah grant them ease, guidance, maqbul and hajj mabrur. Ameen.


Water is inseparable, the ocean is one body of water. The wave in the front reaches the shore first while the following waves wait for their turn willingly and patiently. Every drop of the ocean gets to touch the land eventually. Likewise, my turn for hajj will come at the appointed time bi-iznillah. Yours too!
Can you fathom? La ilaha ilallah to the number of waves in the oceans? It's uncountable day in, day out.

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