Monday, September 5, 2016

What's up? | Let's get offline

Bismillah. long last, I see a shaykh knocking some sense on our head re texting, WhatsApping. Thank you Mufti al-Kawthari : D

Read on folks.

I once belonged to seven WhatsApp (WA) groups. I left two. I put three of them on silent for a year and read them once every three weeks, only by chance. If I were to leave my phone unchecked for 10 minutes, I could see on average 200 unread messages shared among three WA groups. It's insane! Who needs to read 200 messages? Who could effectively follow all the messages in order to be an active member of the groups? I am out man! 

Am only active on two groups cos it's related to family and work team mates. With this message from Mufti al-Kawthari, I know I don't have to feel guilty at all LOL. Even though some "religious WhatsApp groups" are supposed to be beneficial, there are just too much info, merry-go-round chats and redundant sharing that goes back and forth, and some of them would act as WA supervisor among themselves trying to control what messages can/should not have been shared and then everybody gets in the debate, it's hilarious.  

Couldn't agree more with the shaykh, voice and in-person communication is so much more effective than dragging conversations for hours. Besides, it's easier to misunderstand one another through WA. I work with a telco so I saw how voice had been a premium service for many years and then came the WA phenomenon. It's unbelievably strange to see voice lose its value to data communication, so much so that we had to reverse the charging plan. 

BTW know that I have always been conscious about keeping my writing, short and snappy. 

OK folks, we'd better get offline now : D


La ilaha illallah to the number of flowers in the world : )
[Tokyo flowers there 👆]

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