Sunday, September 4, 2016

Who are you serving? | Mankind


Came across this succinct advice from our beloved Shaykh Ninowy as published on his official IG today. It makes me think. When you and I wake up every morning and go to work, who are we serving? We are not just serving our employer or our colleagues. Think about the ultimate recipients of our service.

When you and I have got an impulse to post something on the internet, who are we serving?

It's a big question that gets us thinking, isn't it? Who are you serving? Who do I serve? The thing you do, the thing I choose to do, is it our raison détre?

"If you go to someone house, they will be hospitable to you. Allah is more Kareem (generous) than His creation. If you serve the deen, how can you think Allah will not protect you and take care of you? That's why for Sufis, after tawheed comes khidmah (servitude to creation). Tawheed is about Allah, servitude is about His creation, creator, and creation, end of story. Servitude is a means of self-protection."
- Shaykh Muhammad bin Yahya Al-Ninowy


This answers my dilemma really, as I quietly grumble about one big task I am entrusted with. Thank you Shaykh Ninowy! This is what the shuyukh are for, to guide us albeit remotely, unlike some shuyukh who have the tendency to take advantage of people as they selfishly work up their own spiritual maqam or personal interest. 

I can't forgive/forget a shaykh who told me I would die young. He even told me "imagine your mother's reaction to see you die!" I was in my early 30s then. Imagine the negativity he impressed upon me. The same shaykh asked his male murid to invite me sit with him at the back of a chauffeured car as we were travelling to visit a muslim community. A couple of my friends witnessed this. I refused even after his murid came back to persuade for the second time. So now you know I have come a long way and why I have become choosy and a lil critical about males who hide behind their "religious uniform".

Having said that, I am grateful we have got shuyukh like Shaykh Ninowy. May Allah grant him a long healthy life so we could benefit from his counsel for the longest time. Ameen.

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