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Zikir for 1st - 10th Zulhijjah | Duá parcel


Alhamdulillah washukrulillah for all the wonderful "perfumers" in our lives. People who are good, who are in the good business hence we benefit from their fragrant, the fragrant of their very being and that of their business - their good deeds.

I am humbled and super grateful that a close friend - a dweller of the Haramain, invited me to write a duá which she will read word for word during the auspicious times/at the sacred places when she is out and about performing the hajj rituals! Alhamdulillah washukrulillah I have duly parceled my duá. And I just wanted some of you genuine loyal readers to know that I have included you in my specially crafted duá : )

Here's an excerpt:
Oh Ya Allah, Ya Rahman, Ya Rahim, you know there are many people who have helped me directly and indirectly; there are many people who think well and highly of me despite my weaknesses and shortcomings, and there are people who have asked me to make duá for them. 
Oh Ya Allah, You are our All-Knowing Lord, and You are the one who answers prayers, please bestow Your bounties, Your generosities, Your aid and Your mercies to each and every person who has helped me, those who think well of me, those who are kind to me, my friends and families, and those who have asked duá from me. 
Oh Allah be merciful on them all, grant them all their wishes, and make them happy and successful in this dunya and the hereafter for You are our Most-Compassionate and Most-Loving Lord.

[Thank you. Jazakumullah folks! You know who you are!]

"By the dawn and the ten nights..."
I humbly re-write here the wirid as recommended by Habib Umar bin Hafiz for us to recite during the first ten days of Zulhijjah. We must credit Habib Umar's students who did the English translation or people like me would lose out on the meaningful wirid which really sounds like a "compounded interest". May this be useful as a quick reference for me and you.

In the name of Allah, the All-Compassionate, the All-Merciful. 

O Allah, I present to You in front of every breath, every second, every instant, every thoughts, every blinking of the eye of the peoples of the heavens and the earth, and everything which is existent in Your knowledge or was existent, I present to You in front of all this. [Meaning: I present this as a defense from the evil of any of the things mentioned and seeking all the good that is contained in them.]:

  • La ilaha illallah the number of nights and ages, the number of days and months, the number of waves in the oceans, the multiplication of rewards, the number of raindrops, the number of leaves on the trees, the amount of hair and fur, the amount of sand and rocks, the number of flowers and fruits, the number of breaths of mankind, the number of our sins so that they are forgiven, the number of blinking of eyes, the amount of that which has been and will be.
  • La ilaha illallah exalted is He above that which people worship alongside Him.
  • La ilaha illallah this is better than than that which they amass (of worldly things).
  • La ilaha illallah in the night when it darkens.
  • La ilaha illallah in the morning when it breathes.
  • La ilaha illallah the number of winds that blow in the desert and the number of rocks.
  • La ilaha illallah from this day to the day on which the Trumpet is blown.
  • La ilaha ilallah the number of His entire creation from this day to the Day of Recompense.
In every instant forever equal to the number of His created things, 
to His satisfaction,
to the weight of His throne
and the amount of ink used by His words.

Ref: Muwasala

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