Saturday, October 1, 2016

Happy New Hijri Year 1st Muharram 1438H | 1st October 2016


Assalamualaikum warahmatullah
My dear respected visitors/readers
[You know who you are heh...heh...]
[Especially Aunty S who regards this space as her early morning cup of tea. How sweet of her. May Allah shower her and her loved ones with abundant grace and bounties. Ameen]

Wish yáll a happy new hijri year full of blessings. May Allah forgive us and accept any small deeds which might be worthy in His reckoning.

I had been busy working to meet some important deadlines that I almost missed this important date in the Islamic calendar. In fact I was still kinda disoriented having just arrived in Penang this morning. And not having had proper rest. Still Alhamdullilah I managed to arrive early for the Maal Hijrah event at Penang State Mosque.

Felt so very proud that the majlis was graced by my neighbors - two great Gelugorians - the Penang Mufti led the Yaasin recital, tahlil and prayers; and a popular daié - Imam Muda Asyraf gave a refreshing tazkirah full of new facts. The stories he related were far from cliche. I will try to summarize his lessons tomorrow InShaAllah.

Of course...that honorable lady in purple prayer garment is the wife of Penang's Governor. She had no air whatsoever, mashaAllah!     

All ears - Imam Muda Asyraf giving an insightful tazkirah

Penang Governor's wife - the honorable Toh Puan
sitting in halaqah (circle) for Yaasin recital
The majlis ended with dinner - delicious Tomato Rice - much to my delight! And I spotted a Niqabi carrying  a tote bag with a loaded message.

Queuing for Tomato Rice. 
Yes! Let's husnuzon!
Imam Muda Asyraf said Allah has the right to select anyone for Jannah
even if he/she was a sinner in the eyes of people - at the point of death.

See ya tomorrow : )

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