Thursday, October 6, 2016

Prepping for the future | Write a will, I will


When I wrote a posting on my Lasik surgery experience and the benefits of correcting one's vision through LASIK, I neither expected it to receive a huge number of hits nor create a big impact to anyone, but it did. Alhamdulillah. But this posting which I am about to write, I hope it would receive your attention and that you would consider acting upon it.

I have just met a consultant from a Bank Trustee, the person who will be writing my will, yes InShaAllah. Write a will, I will and I think you should too. I am of the view that one should not only write a will but also appoint an executor, if one cares about his/her loved ones.  

Because as a person, I feel writing a will is a sign of gratitude that Allah has given one some assets. That Allah has given you some understanding and realisation to not want to trouble your loved ones when you pass on.

As a dutiful daughter/sister, I feel the importance of having a "custody card" to hand to my family especially before travelling, especially before performing hajj. Why, so that they know I have written a will and appointed a professional executor at the bank I have been so loyal to. So that they will be able to retrieve my will and learn about my intentions and instructions. I learned this today: because I don't have a husband or a son, my mother and my siblings would be entitled to my assets. Write a will, I will because I feel responsible and thankful for Allah's bounties on me and because my late father raised me to be an educated person who is firm about articulating her thoughts.

It is wonderful that we are allowed to reserve one third of our assets for a non-beneficiary which ideally should be a worthy beneficiary such as the orphans. There is no need to give all to the rightful beneficiary because two-thirds is enough. And chances are the one-third for the worthy non-beneficiary could yield a handsome compound interest for you in akhira.

As a dutiful daughter, I don't want my mother to be un-informed or ill-informed about her rights towards me because I love her. Now, you should think about your loved ones too, should you return to the Lord sooner than them. Make it easier for them. Do not leave them puzzled. Do not burden them with the complexities of managing your assets and belongings. I think that's the least we could do if indeed we truly care about the people we care about.

The Budimas Charitable Foundation
supports many orphanage homes nationwide.
This one is in Penang.
- a worthy beneficiary for 1/3 of what you own! 

If any of you my close friends would like me to share more details about hibbah amanah and wasiat which I've learned from the trustee bank, do buzz me. Be smart. Be considerate, manage your belongings while you still can.

Look forward to making another hajj prep - engaging a personal Arabic/Quran tutor. 
: D InShaAllah

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