Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Reading pictures


Wish I could impart some cheer to you, put a smile on your face, the least I could do to show how much you are appreciated.
[You know who you are. Sorry I still can't make my greetings unconditional for all, including haters cos I'm neither righteous nor self-righteous LOL]

Lucky that two buddies have been sharing some lovely photos from breathtaking Kiwi-Land and our most beloved city -  the burial site of Allah's most beloved - Madinah Al-Munawarah.

Sometimes, words lift us up. Sometimes, a picture like this makes us smile for it conveys unspoken sweetness so loud!


Sometimes, a hug makes us feel safe and cared for. Sometimes a picture like this makes our soul calm, revives any lost hope, that the person underneath that green dome deeply cares about us. That it's very easy to connect with him and connecting with him once, could bring glad tidings tenfold in return.

Lessons on Islam have never been so easily accessible as it is now but it's also true that many people who claim to be workers of the deen are asking for all kinds of aid in the name of the religion. Seeing the green dome makes me want to pour out all my burning questions and bewilderment about my faith.

One "religious person" blocked me on WA just because I did not promptly respond to his call for support for his "religious project". But I'm only a woman who has my own priorities and I decide to whom I shall respond. We all have the right to remain silent and/or decline, don't we? And wonder why do they only get in touch when they think my contributions could be useful for them? People like these make me want to have a husband so that they won't bother me directly LOL. Dare I make such a complain underneath that green dome! Still, I thank God for making me mature enough to not be bothered by some "interesting" characters be they Shaykh or no Shaykh. 

Thank You God for increasing me in knowledge a bit more, regarding salutations to the Prophet. It's something that we all need, in two departments at least: rizq and akhlak. Shuyukh, sinners, strugglers, everyone needs it.

Allahumma salli ala Saidina Muhammad
solatan tuwas si ú biha álainal arzak
wa tuhas sinu biha lanal akhlak
wa ála alihi wasohbihi wasalim

"O Lord by the blessings of Your Prophet
expand our provision and beautify our characters."

May Allah grant us the strength to recite this Salawat Tausiúl Arzaaq and may Allah enable us to benefit from it. Ameen.

May Allah decorate our path with that which is pleasing
to the eyes, mind and heart

May Allah make us reflect on this life and that which is waiting for us in the end. And that in life, it's OK to not please everybody! LOL.

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