Friday, November 11, 2016

One-on-one on The One | Has He not?


Praise be to Allah. Alhamdulillah wa shukrulillah my Quran teacher turned up for our first lesson despite the bad weather. I'm still feeling excited - like a small girl being gifted with a chocolate sundae. LOL. 

It was decades since I last sat before a Quran teacher. Folks, it's never too late to get an expert to check on your recitations. 

I'm super excited about my one-on-one Quran lesson tonight. My teacher is a lot younger than me. He is unique because he is a science graduate from abroad and yet is skillful enough to be a certified Quran teacher. OK go ahead google him but please don't stalk him!

I can't wait for our next class. But it's 00:02 it's time to sleep.
Verse number 9 of Surah An Naba (the chosen surah for my first lesson) - it says:
Wa ja al na nau makum suba ta
"And made your sleep for rest"

In this chapter entitled The Tidings, Allah asks us among others:
"Have We not made....your sleep for rest?"

Please correct me if I am wrong, I reckoned Allah asks us (at the outset of The Tidings) about 10 things which He has created.

1. Have we not made the earth a cradle?
2. And the mountains pegs?
3. And created you in pairs?
4. And made your sleep for rest?
5. And made the night a cloak?
6. And made the day for livelihood?
7. And built above you seven mighty ones?
8. And set a radiant lamp?
9. And sent down from the rain clouds cascading water? That with it, We may bring forth grains and plants.
10. And gardens of intertwining foliage?

Gosh, has He not?
Allah Al Bari'
Allah Al Khaliq

Good nite all.

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