Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Remember | November


Alhamdulillah wa shukrulillah.

We have come to the 1st of November. Praise be to Allah for giving us life up until this day. Always remember to pray: 
Allahumma tawwil umurana. 
"O Allah give us a long life."

So that we may remember Him, our Creator, always as we sit, stand, walk and lie down.
So that we may make duá to Him because we learn from Ibn Athaillah's words of wisdom that "When Allah inspires your tongue to ask, know that He wants to give."

O Allah, give us a long life so that we may engage in beneficial activities that are pleasing to You.

O Allah, give us a long life so that we may contemplate upon You and know You better each day of our life. So that we may grow to love You and thus we do not fear death. How can we fear death when it is You who wait for us on the other side?

O Allah, give us a long life, so that we may witness Your Beauty on the horizon each moment, for we know You are Unique and You manifest Yourself differently endlessly. 

"Kulla yawmin huwa fi shan."
"The glory of each day is different."

"Every day He is upon some matter."
"Every day He manifests Himself in yet another [wondrous] way."
Sadaqallah al Azim
[Syuruk @ KL two days ago]
And yet some people commented about me posting "the same photos of KL cityscape" too often. Oh well, I see the truth of the qalam we just quoted. That "Every day in new splendor does He shine."

Each day this November, I pray Allah will manifest Himself in a wondrous way for you and me so that all afflictions will be lifted, that all pain and sickness will be cured, that all needs will be fulfilled, that all sorrows will be replaced with abundant joy! Ameen.

It's my blog, I can have my photo in each and every posting if I wanted to. 
: P
It's my blog, I can post whatever photos I like.
: P

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