Saturday, November 18, 2017

Be ready and willing


This highly encouraging advice by Wayne Dyer:

Let's be ready and willing to welcome miraculous bounties. Allah is more generous than we could ever imagine. And of course, we all know that He gives even when He seems to withhold.

"Remember that not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck."
- Dalai Lama

Week No 46 - done (pretty pleasantly Alhamdulillah)
Enjoy the weekend. May we occupy ourselves with deeds that are pleasing to the Creator.
Be ready and willing!
: )

Always ready for an awesome day in Penang:

Oh great Lord, how can an innocent girl who reads at least 10 pages of Quran a day and does quite a bit of wirid regularly, gets labelled a Satan?! LOL. Is it because she has nice photos here? Is it because she appears to be blessed with a wonderful life? Ahh...let me say for the umpteenth time, we should love and impress ourselves cos people are going to judge anyway even though they should be more worried about their own clan 😛
Okay whatever, I'm heading to the beach later. 
Alhamdulillah wa shukrulillah : ) 

Friday, November 17, 2017

Love yourself | Friday bliss


"Love is the great 
miracle cure.
Loving ourselves 
works miracles 
in our lives."
- Louise Hay
(American motivational author 1926-2017)

Have a blessed day, folks.
Take care and love yourself.

Am cherishing the opportunity to earn a ticket to heaven - serve my mother 😁 Alhamdulillah
[Carries more weight for me than attending talks that make you feel good for a short while. I think we have to be smarter at prioritizing according to our own unique circumstances.]

Let's have our heart attached to one special man - Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).
Sollu alan Nabi.


Much love (for myself lol)

Penang's popular snacks
Jeruk Pak Ali
[and Charbroil Recipe Hiong Piah Brown Sugar biscuits]
#onlyinpenang #proudtobeamalaysian

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Be more


Alhamdulillah to be in Penang again, to have the opportunity to be dutiful to my dear mother, to do a little bit more. And be more.

Quote by @InspowerMinds

Back at my fave couch in da houze.
And back to hammocking at a fave secret spot.
Alhamdulillah we get to learn something every day
from this universe-sity.
"Blessed are they who see beautiful things
in humble places where other people see nothing"
-Camillle Pissarro

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

A reward without measure | The good-doers' troop


Be steadfast and patient in doing good/being virtuous, if you want a reward without measure/reckoning. This I learned from Verse 10 of Surah Az Zumar (The Troops).

You know, every year as an employee we get measured up and our annual bonus depends on our efforts/contributions that are being carefully assessed before the employer determines the final performance score. But here in this verse, we might get a reward/compensation in full without having to go through any reckoning, if we were to be patient and steadfast, how cool is that?! 

Let's join in the good-doers' troop.

Surely, you can do better than her!

"Say: O my servants who believed! Be Godfearing of your Lord. For those who did good in the present, there is benevolence, and the earth of God is one who is extensive. Only ones who remain steadfast will have their compensation without reckoning."
Translation by Laleh Bakhtiar from

Say: 'O servants of Mine who believe. 
Fear your Lord. For those who are virtuous in this world,
there will be good, and God's earth is vast.
Truly the steadfast will be paid their full reward in full
without any reckoning.'
Translation by Royal Al Bayt Institute from

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Make a dashing dash | Join in the universe's qura'at and exceed all


Hope everyone is keeping busy being healthy, wealthy and happy.
By the way, being wealthy means being rich in matters of dunya and akhirah.

We have come to mid-November. Alhamdulillah.
Let's fill up the "dash" of our life in the best possible manner.
Do things that carry weight for eternity.
Quran, zikr (especially through salat) and salawat carry plenty of weight.
The rest is just a light fleeting filler.
Think about it.

What is the best zikir in the "eyes" of Allah?
I found this brilliant definition on IslamToday.

Before you read on, this is my takeaway from the article:
Let's join in the universe's qura'at.

"As a rule, the word zikr (also dhikr) is used to mean different ways of praising and elevating Allah and making duas. Some scholars say that zikr is any kind of words or actions which turn into the reason for receiving a reward.
According to Quran, zikr is salat (or namaz) which is the most universal way of worshipping. When a believer performs salat, he or she remembers Allah and praises Him. To satrt a salat, a believer performs ablution. Preparing for salat and thinking that shortly you will stand in front of God, you remember Allah and pray to Him.
Zikr also includes your intention and takbir. A believer continues to remember Allah when he praises Him and says that there is no God but Him. A believer also reflects on the meaning of ayats which he or she reads. The condition of a believer's heart changes depending on the ayats which he is reading. The most considerable zikr is belief in Allah and constant memory of Him. While performing salat, zikr is presented by reading Quran. zikr of your heart during salat is presented by your reflections, fear, hope and love. 
A human being has a body and a soul. Likewise, this world consists of the visible and invisible worlds. A human body, like this visible world, consists of some material substance. So zikr performed by the human body is a symbol of the zikr performed by the universe.
Thundering, leaves palpitation, birdsong and all the rest sounds of this world are some kind of qura'at. When reading Quran during salat, we join this zikir and exceed all the rest."


Monday, November 13, 2017

Mantra for Week #46 of Twenty Seventeen


May you and I have a productive and rewarding week.
There's much good in keeping busy and productive.
A little progress each day 
adds up to big results.

And think happy thoughts in order to have a rewarding week.

Wama tawfiqi illah billah.

And one more thing, let's count our blessings.

[O Allah, thanks for giving me nice scarves, nice smile, nice earrings, nice everything. LOL]

Alhamdulillah wa shukrulillah.

"At the end, people will judge you anyway. So don't live your live impressing others. Live your life impressing yourself."
- @TheSecretForYou

Too bad if some people are not happy seeing my photos here.
I'm super excited exploring my Samsung Note8. Wait til I get iPhone8 and Oppo F5 🤣

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Oh my God | Seclusion


Oh, my God, I've cheated on my weekend seclusion plan a bit. But I guess the All-Seeing God wouldn't mind cos I have reached Chapter 23 of the Quran. Done a thousand Al Ikhlas too. Ya Huuu!

Alhamdulillahil lazi hadana li haza
Wama kunna linahtadiya
Lau la an hada nallah
[If you still are not familiar with this verse, refer to my old postings. It's one of my fave, memorized by heart.] 

By God, this posting is to encourage my nieces and nephews so they know we could have a dunya & akhirah well balanced always and all the way until our last day on earth. That doing zikir, selawat and daily Quran recital are cool. It's not just meant for old people who have nothing better to do.

This world and its amusement is a gift. As long as we don't go overboard, we will be fine. If our outer appearance happens to be a bit "deceiving" let it be, as long as we have covered the obligatory and supererogatory (nawafil) tasks for the day, we can have some fun.

Oh yes, girls just wanna have fun.
Boys too, of course.
But be smart about having good scores in our book of deeds for the hereafter cos that would last for eternity.

Ok guys, have a fabulous Sunday! I wanna go back to my seclusion routine and enjoy being at home - Baiti Jannati. My house is my heaven 😁 it's quiet and peaceful Alhamdulillah.

Oh my God, please increase my iman and increase Your wonderful blessings for me in this dunya and akhirah. You are my God and to You alone do I worship. From You alone, I receive all the super cool bounties. Ameen.

But of course, my house is quiet and peaceful cos I don't have a nagging, bad-tempered spouse. LOL.
Oh my God, let me live in the kingdom of singledom for as long as it is good for me, my dunya and akhirah. Ameen.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

11.11 | Bare sticks | Singles' Day | Unattached


11th November
The date is chosen because it's got "four bare sticks" there, 1111, bare, not a single branch
hence single, so single. LOL.

This soon to be globally-accepted special day started in 1993 at Nanjing University, China where students observed or rather enjoyed the day celebrating their singledom. Interesting eh? But I guess for single people every day is a chill day, there's less stress cos we don't have to worry about unfaithful spouse or stubborn kids or nosy in-laws. LOL. 

However, since 2009, thanks to Jack Ma (who needs no introduction), the day, 11th November has become an utterly frenzied shopping day online at Tmall and offline too, not just for the singles, though. Well, God knows the number of single people in China or in the Rest of the World, and only God knows how much one married man benefits/profits from the day. I hate you Ma. LOL. Anyhow, I'm sure there are millions of consumers who are pleased with their catch-of-the-day.

Everything you need to know about Singles' Day:

Single or not, it's best to be unattached.
Well, you know to whom we should be attached to.
Glory be to Him.
And the other special being - Prophet Muhammad salallah alaihi wasalam, our ultimate rescuer.

I know, nice shot eh? : D
Captured by Samsung Galaxy Note 8
Captured this morning, by yours truly.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Let go and let live


May you have a blissful, fruitful and joyful Friday.
I am excited about spending the weekend in seclusion to catch up on some spiritual work. (Aww!)

Hmm...maybe just go out for an hour at most to grab salads and cakes. LOL.

I know you need not know details of my schedule. It's just me being super grateful for His blessings - to be alive and kicking 😉

Let go of anything that slows us down and let live a wonderfully paced and productive life as a cool servant of Allah.

He is Time.
He is with us all the time.
So cherish the times.

Reminds me of the song by Kool & The Gang:
Cherish the love
Cherish the life we live
Let's cherish every moment we have been given
The time is passing by...


KL (view from my office)
4 p.m. Friday 10 Nov 2017

Thursday, November 9, 2017



The only "cons" we need - consistent!

That is being regular (istiqamah) in praying, reading Quran, reciting salawat, paying alms, doing good to our parents, increasing our knowledge and skills, being truthful and dependable, improving our behaviours, believing in ourselves, getting rid of the negative, and last but not least, be consistent in remembrance (zikr) of Allah.

Ok Eza, you can do it!
Just do it.


Wednesday, November 8, 2017

140 to 280 | 2018


Today, someone is giving us a chance to say more, to say twice the amount. You know who. It's Mr Twitter. Of course, we all know Mr Twitter is not forcing anyone to tweet 280 characters. They are just giving us a chance to say/write a little bit longer on their platform. Should anyone wish to write longer than 280, they should try blogging. That's a no-brainer.

Imagine if you have spoken to someone about something, perhaps a confession, perhaps about a painful fact, perhaps about a good news, then the recipient party says, go on say more. What would you say? Of course, it's no big deal, maximum word-count can't be taken too seriously except for dissertations or exams methinks. Ah...that's it, up until "methinks" is 428 characters already. LOL.

If God were to limit our prayers to 280 characters come 2018, what prayers would you say?

I'd say: 
O God, I thank you for this gift of life, that I've been given the opportunity to smile and cry, so I know you are my Lord. My life revolves around Your gifts or the seemingly withholding of gifts. I'm grateful for every single day as I embrace it with hope for yet one more day. 

Hah...hah...that's 280 characters there.

I'm just excited about counting down to 2018.
What about you?

Perhaps we should recite 2,018 Alhamdulillah or Subhanallah or Surah Al Ikhlas or Hasbunallah wa nikmal wakil?



Tuesday, November 7, 2017

That's all we need


Says Mother Teresa

Need I say more?
No need to say more.
Let's be mindful of the moment, each moment.
As in every posting, it's a reminder for me, first and foremost.

: )

Happy Tuesday.

It's a happy Tuesday for me cos I got myself a new fave phone - Samsung Note 8.
Alhamdulillah. Allah Kareem.
A date to remember 7.11.17 so I know how many months it would last and survive any cracks due to my clumsiness. LOL.

No, wait, that's not going to happen - that's a negative self-affirmation there, no way, let me rephrase:
I am a poised, graceful elegant lady who is always careful with my belongings so they last really well for the longest time. I am grateful for every single blessing, therefore, my Lord will give me more.


O Generous Lord, I need an iPhone8Plus too please and the new Apple Watch.
I deserve it cos I am always grateful, and I work hard, I recite the Quran regularly and recite plenty of salawat.

: D

Monday, November 6, 2017

Week 45 | Always on time


"Put your faith in the fact that God is always on time."
- @IyanlaVanzant

So very true.
The blessings, the lessons etc that turn up in our life appear at the most suitable time like He is always on time about teaching us, about warning us, helping us, guiding us and gifting us. Subhanallah. And most definitely He will be on time when taking us back to Him!

There are just about 8 weeks to go until 2018.
I am sure you too, are feeling blessed and contented with 2017 so far.

I cherish each day as we leave 2017 behind. I made an intention to mark each day in my own strange way and I have managed to do 310 postings up until today. Alhamdulillah. The least of the positive and beneficial things uttered each day had been Bismillah.

Let's attach ourselves to Allah every single day. Let's attach Allah to every single thing we do. The pious among us have reminded us that if we're unable to say Bismillah at the start of a deed, it's quite likely the deed is either not permissible or discouraged.

He is Time. Let's attach ourselves to the times, every single moment. May Allah carry us with His grace from one moment to another.

Wish y'all a productive and fabulous week.

Wama tawfiqi illa billah.

 Image result for bismillah

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Flood of hopes and prayers


This is a backdated posting.
[It's Monday evening. Hope the weather gets better cos HRH Prince Charles & Camilla have just arrived in Penang : D ]

I was in my hometown Penang during the weekend when many parts of the island and Butterworth got crippled due to floods which had gotten worse during the wee hours of Sunday.

Some people texted, asking me if I was all right. Yes, yes Alhamdulillah, thanks, it's all good in Gelugor, Penang. 

Thanks to caring Malaysians, a flood of aid, hopes and prayers have reached the flood victims in the affected areas. We should consider ourselves fortunate for there are other people/communities in other states elsewhere in Malaysia and abroad who are going through worse predicaments due to acts of God, or evil acts of irresponsible people, or even self-inflicted pain.  

May Allah protect us and grant us patience during times of trial and may we be even more grateful for the blessings of comfort, peace and joy during times of ease.

Alhamdulillah ala kulli hal.

p/s To state the obvious: if your place is not flooded, stay put, no need to leave. If your heart is flooded with pain, escape to Allah. It's the best form of escapism 😉

Saturday, November 4, 2017

When it rains


My mom's cafe at home.
Yeah, those light bulbs are extra bright cos I've just cleaned them LOL.
Cleaning the house is ibadah too : )

When it rains we pray so that Allah pours all things beneficial.
Allahumma soyyiban nafi'a.

You know Penang is a popular tourist destination, I feel a little sorry for those who visit this island to enjoy a sunny day on the beach. Yeah... rain could dampen the spirits of those who come to wander the streets of Georgetown - World Heritage site, too. Those who come to escape from their problems or hide from their in-laws LOL, I suppose it's good to take away some nasi kandar and just stay indoors during not so tourist-friendly weather like today. 

But on a serious note, a friend of mine was advised by one ustaz who is a rukyah/spiritual healer, that rainwater is actually good for cleansing oneself from the effects of sihir.

So, rain is good certainly.
I love rainy days, absolutely.
Allahumma soyyiban nafi'a.

Happy Saturday folks.
It might be a little cold in the country of your residence. Anyhow, we all love November nonetheless cos it's almost time for more good times in December and the new year bi-iznillah.


"How many psychiatrists does it take to change a light bulb?
None. The light bulb will change when it's ready."

How many daughters does it take to clean four light bulbs?
Just one. A good one ; )

Friday, November 3, 2017

Jummah Mubarak | Hi


Alhamdulillah to have arrived safely at my Penang home. I realised I have got a couple of postings due and thought I should first greet you on this blissful Friday.

I am pretty sure you wouldn't mind me saying Hi, unlike the gentleman who was before me at the cashier of a Petrol Station, he looked at me amazed as if I did something wrong when I greeted the cashier 'Hi.' I am not sure about you or everybody else but I always greet the person in charge at payment counters. There's nothing wrong with that.

Anyway, thought I mention about Surah Ad-Dukhan cos I received a booklet on the tafsir of Surah Ad-Dukhan from the Zakah Centre. I thought what a coincident this week is Week 44 and Surah Ad-Dukhan is the 44th Surah of the Quran!

Let's read it up and take heed before it's a lil too late when the skies are filled up with smoke and the inhabitants of the earth become thirsty and hungry and puzzled as the Final Day approaches.

So we gotta say Alhamdulillah for a peaceful day like today.

By the way, research shows that "visiting places we love may be more influential than possessions we own (objects). It could increase calm, joy and connection." 
Oh yes, I sure love Penang!

Thursday, November 2, 2017

On youth and age | Five questions


The popular dai'e (ustaz) who visited my office yesterday reminded the audience of the most frequently-given-advice about the five things that Allah will question us:
  1. How we live our life here in this fancy beautiful world? [As a foodie, shopaholic, eat, sleep and repeat?No?]
  2. How we utilize our youth? [Clubbing? Smoking? Womanizing? No?]
  3. How we earn our wealth? [Siphon some funds so that we/our family could live a flamboyant life? No?]
  4. How we spend our wealth? [Uncountable handbags/shoes/clothes for oneself? No?]
  5. What we do with our knowledge? [Keep, keep, keep, neither practise nor share? No?]

"Youth is the gift of nature, but age is a work of art," said Stanislaw Lec.

So the question is how well did we optimize our youth? How neat and beautiful will the artwork turn out?

Time to reflect, rectify and rejuvenate before we return and get resurrected.
Wama tawfiqi illa billah.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Do not look back | Welcome November


One Malaysian dai'e (ustaz) who is well known for his humorous delivery yet loaded with practical advice came to my office today. Listening to him caused a sharp uptick in my annual laughter graph like 1st Nov is 'World's Laughter Day' LOL. But on a serious note, the ustaz did impart several important lessons about making the right intention solely for Allah and not wavering when we make a decision to move forward because when Prophet Muhammad salallahalaihiwasalam made his hijrah, he did not look back, not even once. Whenever we do something which we know the Prophet has done, we should consciously make a niyyat of following sunnah as we do it.

The ustaz also encouraged us to pay full attention to verse 100 Surah An Nisa.
"And he who emigrates leaving his home in the way of Allah will find (for hijra/migration) many places in the earth and plentiful provision (for sustenance) and he who leaves his home, migrating towards Allah and His Messenger and then death overtakes him (on the way) his reward with Allah is ensured and Allah is Most Forgiving, ever merciful."

Therefore, be brave to better yourself, as you 'emigrate' from a not-so-positive condition to a better one, as you move forward, do not look back. Yay!

Yes, yay, I welcome November joyfully. We've got about 8 weeks left before 2018. I have very positive expectations for Twenty Eighteen.

Bi iznillah. God willing.
And I'm not looking back. We can't beat Him, the Most Generous and Most Loving Lord when it comes to sweet surprises : )

More so November 2017 cos plenty of good stuff on the way
making it a month to remember InShaAllah
a month that is agreeable all right 

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Write it yourself | My pen


Love this tweet by @Epic_Women.
But the poster above is designed by yours truly ya : D

No, you can't touch my pen, let alone hold it. LOL.

Alhamdulillah for the simple pleasures of life i.e. blogging freely, speaking up freely, writing freely. It's kinda fun training my brain to craft contents inspired by something I read, see, hear, experience or feel. It's a good practice to sharpen the mind like reading the Quran out loud - you have to sort of prepare your vocal cords in advance for the next word just as you recite the current word. Gosh, I don't know how to articulate it, but I think you understand what I mean by that, about reading the Quran - your brain and eyes have got to be fast. I am at Chapter 20 now. What about you?  I just realised there's one chapter I enjoy reading each and every time - Surah Shu'ra' - The Poets cos it's easy to read, short rhythmic sentences, poetic-sounding, love it!

Wama tawfiqi illah billah.
My success is only by Allah.

Hope you like what you are reading here - the story of my life : )
If it pains you, then leave. LOL

Monday, October 30, 2017

Week 44 | Number matters


What was I thinking, of course, there are only 52 weeks in a year, not 56.
356 days in a year, yes.
It's Week No. 44 already. Alhamdulillah.

Alhamdulillah, so far I managed to keep up with my "daily rambling ambition" that is to celebrate life every single day by just saying (typing) about 200 words a day just to mark the day. It's like the cliched advice: count your blessings every day. But really we should not downplay the significance of seemingly insignificant actions.

"Recognize your daily successes. They are the foundation upon which more will come your way."
- Gary Loper (a mindset coach from USA)

Of course, number matters, especially in relation to our bank accounts. LOL.
Most people say numbers don't matter as far as one's age is concerned, but I think it does, cos I don't want to be 17, or 27 or 33, cos that would tantamount to discounting Allah's gifts. Would you like to return those years if there's such a thing as "Yes-Return-Policy"? That does not make a good "numerical reasoning" does it? LOL.

The generous Lord has given us the blessing of existence so now we know Him and His wonderful creations. Or did He create us so He could know Himself?! Ahah.

The more we know Allah.
The more we understand life.
The more we love Allah.
The more we appreciate life.
The more we recognize His Power.
The more humble we become by His every gift, 
day in day out.
The more we know Allah
The more we understand our "self"

Subhanallah wa bihamdih.
Subhanallahil Azeem.

Here's my most fave quote of the week. It's by Ernest Hemingway. 



Sunday, October 29, 2017

Sunday state of mind


Tomorrow is Monday?!
It's OK. I have enough patience and positive expectations because I will be on leave on all the Mondays in 2018 and beyond In Sha Allah.

Allah Kareem.
This is by Allah another miraculous blessing which I never thought possible. But indeed He is extremely generous. Alhamdulillah wa shukrulillah.

I am A-OK actually.

Wish you a fabulous (whatever that is left of) Sunday. May it be as colourful as my scarf 😁

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday - let our state of mind be one that is faithful, grateful and hopeful for in Allah's hand is all good.


p/s A little bird told me some people are not happy seeing so many photos of me. LOL. Don't be silly ya cos I did not force you to visit this space. And let me remind you, it's not your job to like me, it's my job to like me 😁👍

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Thank God for yummy delivery | Happy Saturday


I love my family for they know on most days I prefer to stay indoor and do my own thing (catching up on blogging among other things) so they leave me alone and delivered the Bisou cakes I ordered promptly. LOL.

[TQ Nish-Nish]

yummy delivery
Alhamdulillah wa shukrulillah for good food and good times alone, but technically speaking we are never alone cos He is always around, always present.

If eating cake is wrong, then I don't want to be right, ever. But I want to be right about being clingy to the Quran cos I really need a handsome lawyer in my grave. I won't mind sharing a cupcake with him as long as he makes sure I don't get spanked. LOL.

Enjoy the weekend, folks.
Let's give today the chance to become one of the most beautiful days of our life.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Fruitful Fri-yay


: )

[Always wear a smile because you never know who is watching LOL]

I am writing as is and I will quote Cicero again, "even if you have nothing to write, write and say so." 

I have been very busy with work. It's good to be busy, needless to say. A little bird told me some souls kinda missed my presence these past few days. Heh heh...thank you. I missed this space too. It's my intention that my words and gestures, though short and snappy (or silly) would bear some sweet fruits or put a smile on someone's face.

I "seek to be worth knowing rather than well known." as said, Sean Gardner

Good night folks.
I am just too sleepy and in desperate need of the weekend. LOL.


Let's do this tomorrow, first thing in the morning - to give it a chance to become the most beautiful day of our life. As for today, it's a wrap! 
: D Alhamdulillah.

Thanks for tolerating this Fri-rambling. It looks a bit like my fave fried eggs: over easy.


Thursday, October 26, 2017

Be the best creation | Q98:7


I gradually realize as I engage more closely with the Holy Quran that there are plenty of tips in it.

We all want to be the best this, the best that. It's good to want to be the best. In our quest for attaining success and becoming the best, we tend to get sidetracked, detoured, or even lost because the road map is not clear.

Know that the Quran gives us one simple formula for being the best of creation, the best of creatures. It's in verse 98:7. The code is easy to remember Q987.

Allah tells us, all we need to do is do just two things:
  1. Believe
  2. Do righteous deeds.  
According to  Sunni Tafsir, "believe" means believing in Prophet Muhammad salallah alaihiwasalam and the Quran. Secondly, we are to perform acts of obedience or good works privately between ourselves and with our Lord.

It's quite a simple formula methinks. But should we get sidetracked, detoured, or even lost sometimes we should not lose heart, we should not lose faith but keep forging ahead cos as said Winston Churchill, "Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm." 

Pray Allah grants us tawfik and hidayah to believe and to do good works every day until the last day of our life so we are blessed with a good ending (husnul khatimah). So we may be successful and qualify as one of the best creations/creatures ever lived on earth. Ameen.

Hope you like the poster I crafted.


Wednesday, October 25, 2017

What do you say


What do you say to people who acted as if they are holy and branded you a b_ch when you could see that actually, they're far from holy. We should know that people whom we condemn for their seemingly wrong-doings might, in fact, be better than us. And that people who have children under their responsibilities should busy themselves guarding and guiding their own children instead of being nosy and judgmental on others.

I remind myself that fighting against my own lower nafs is a constant jihad. It's a lifelong process. I pray Allah will give me true friends who would look out for me, should I get derailed. I pray Allah protects me from people who try to derail me from the Straight Path. Ameen. 

I say Alhamdulillah. Perhaps it's good to have people cursed you, called you names, looked down on you etc., cos it's really sweet knowing you are none of those and that Allah loves you very much so He elevates your status even more and grants you plenty of gifts.

I say Alhamdulillah, I have got good fundamentals, and that I am not fake.
I say Alhamdulillah, I am faith.

Speaking the language of faith


Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Think limitless | Become comfortable with the uncomfortable


This is what I learned this week, that many people try to escape being in uncomfortable situations. I think it's something that if I try to master, I would succeed big time, over time sooner or later. But the sooner the better. It takes practice, a lot of self-psyching and a huge amount of courage. But if you think about it, it takes a small trick to switch the discomfort around and put it to rest.

I just wanted to have this posting/reminder here so I could come back to it whenever any fear of discomfort try to creep in. The more you allow yourself to be in uncomfortable situations, the more practice you get, and with more practice, you'll get better and you'll master it eventually. So don't be like those who despite having a big post/salary they shy away from being in uncomfortable situations. Be brave, seek more opportunities, more practice sessions, that's the only way you could learn, better yourself, sharpen your mindset and polish your skills.  

15 Quotes to Overcome Your Self-Limiting Beliefs

Have a can-do "possibilitarian" attitude, always, all the time, anytime.
Just do it.

Credit: Chris Hughes


Monday, October 23, 2017

Are you non-negligent or are you a devout? | 10 or 100?


Gosh, I've just learned that the difference between the two i.e. being non-negligent or devout is 90 verses. It's a matter of choice: either you do 10 or do 100.

Yes, there's a hadith about people who should be envied. One of the two types of people who should be envied is the night time Quran reciter. 

No wonder I have got many more people who envy me these days. LOL. Just kidding!

On a serious note, if you do not wish to be branded as negligent, then you should read 10 verses of the Quran every night. There is a hadith narrated by Al-Hakim, the Prophet (pbuh) says: "Whoever reads 10 verses at night, will not be recorded as one of the negligent."

If you wish to belong to the "upper class competitive" group then you might want to do 100 so that you would be recorded as one of the devout. [click on the link below, for reference to related hadith on this matter]

It's amazing the fact that we are told about the yardstick/barometer/ruler/benchmark yet we ignore. Instead, we busy ourselves with people's IG/Twitter/FB/Blog making ourselves envious towards people who seem to have more than us in terms of looks, lifestyle, job, wealth, social status, car collection, jewellery, smart-rich-good-looking spouse, whatever. Those people are not envy-worthy unless they recite the Quran regularly, at least 100 verses of the Quran every night and/or that they spend plenty of their wealth for the sake of the truth.

To be in the devout-category, we need not do much actually, except to read 100 verses which might take us around 40 minutes a day. That's shorter than your nightly Netflix hours or other meaningless hobbies that do not carry any points for your Book of Deeds. Time is the ultimate luxury, so let's be mindful of how we invest our time.

I am writing this reminder for myself and all, as a sign of gratitude for the tawfik that the generous Lord has afforded me and thus I hope He would grant me more : )
[Good to be selfish sometimes. LOL.]

I am also grateful that I have done pretty well on a work-related exam today. So I pray Allah would grant me bigger success for the gratitude I have.

Everyone stands a chance of being "the subject of envy". It's easy, we already know the requisites, so what are we waiting for?


Sunday, October 22, 2017

Trusting the Controller


Kuala Lumpur
Easy Sunday morning...
Alhamdulillah wa shukrulillah.
Happy to be (finally) seated at my desk at home this beautiful Sunday afternoon after having completed the usual weekend chores. Although deep down I wish I had settled down sooner to do some important revisions but we gotta trust the Controller. "And who is it that is in control of all that exists?' (Quran 10:31)

Yes, we gotta trust Him Allah subhanahu wataala cos "In His hand is all good." (Quran 3:26)
And we gotta be grateful that He places in our heart a good level of certainty and optimism so we are neither restless nor doubtful of what is to come tomorrow.

In God, we place our trust, none other than Him.

Wish y'all a pleasant Sunday.
May Allah equip us sufficiently to face whatever it is that we have to face in the coming week - week no. 43.

Hasbunallahu wanikmal wakil.

There were some youngish inexperienced supposedly pious men and some 50-something holier-than-thou nosy women who had given me unsolicited opinions, expressing their worries about me not having a boyfriend/about who I should/should not befriend and all the things that are none of their business. In truth, they have got their own dependents/family they should worry about. Never mind me, I have got enough love-vitamins LOL. I don't contribute to their book of deeds, I have a mind of my own, I do my own thing. I'm excited about the possibility of having 80 adopted sons! LOL. Bi-iznillah! May Allah the trusted Controller, make my dreams come true and accept my intentions as among the mukhlisin. Ameen.

: D

Did you know that the two popular du'a pertaining to increasing knowledge and understanding i.e. Rabbishrohlisadri...and Rabbi zidni ilma both reside in Surah Taha? Taha is also one of the names of our beloved Prophet (pbuh). I was delighted when I came across both verses today.


Saturday, October 21, 2017

Let go | Unload


Let us let go of the unimportant baggage, perhaps a "tail" that is too heavy.

We all know what is it that weighs us down, so let us reflect and seek tawfik (strength) from Allah to get rid of any encumbrance.

Only load that which counts, that which carries weight in the eyes of Allah.

There are 14 Saturdays left until 2018, it's a good time to do some inventory check and chuck away anything that is stale.

Wama tawfiqi illah billah.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Stay original


If I am not for myself, who will be?
Definitely not you. LOL.

I thank Allah for a wonderful holiday in Penang, engaging with people who matter. I thank Allah for a fruitful Friday spreading some cheer to people who occupy themselves with the Book of Allah. May we become like bricks that support one another for the sake of Allah.

Be original, do things that you really like cos [small] people will criticize you anyway whereas big-hearted people, build and lift others up.

: )

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Happy Today


Keep counting our blessings.
Keep hoping for the best.
Keep feeling good so we would attract more good stuff.

Keep reciting Quran on a daily basis.
Keep making zikir and salawat.
Keep the faith strong.
Keep moving forward positively until the day we return to the Creator, pleased and pleasing to Him.

Alhamdulillah wa shukrulillah for today.
May He grant us more.
Ameen Ya Kareem Ya Wahab Ya Rahim.

Alhamdulillah those brothers in faith, a little boy and a cat, let me join them while waiting for my mother buy some fresh seafood : D


Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Festival of Lights | Deepavali | Diwali


I would like to wish our Hindu friends and everyone who observe the Deepavali celebration, a very happy and joyous day! As we spend the holidays with our loved ones, let's not forget those who are less fortunate who have been groping for a beacon of light so they could once again live a decent life.

I am grateful to have arrived in my beautiful hometown - Penang. Grateful for the safe and ever so pleasant drive north-bound. Alhamdulillah.

Keep calm and live life positively "off the wall".

I'm heading to a beach resort soon to treat my dearest mother, cos my heaven is under her feet : D
Identify your pass to the heaven and earn it!
Wama tawfiqi illa billah.


Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Moments that matter


Says Rose Kennedy

May we become more mindful of each present moment and seize it optimally in the way that is pleasing to the Lord.

Our Lord is indeed generous. He rewards us for merely gazing at the sea.

May we contemplate and recognize Him on the horizon and within ourselves.

Rabbi zidni ilma
Warzuqni fahma

This is a backdated posting.
What was I doing on Tue?
Was busy practising for my upcoming tests.
Practise practise practise towards excellence.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Aslahallahu umural Muslimin


This heart-wrenching photo has to be here to remind us of how fortunate we were as children.
That we have to be more grateful.
That we have to do more and pray harder for our less fortunate children.
That we have to work harder in whatever capacity we are in so that no child will have to cry begging for safety, food, shelter, and love.

Do not doubt the power of a sincere du'a.

O Allah, we implore You to improve the lives of these children.
You are Most-Kind, be kind to them as You have been with us.
Provide for them as You have generously provided us with sustenance and comfort.
Ameen Ya Mujibuddua, Ya Rahman, Ya Rahim, Ya Aziz, Ya Zal Jalali wal ikram, Ya Razak, Ya Alimun Hakim. 

Photo published for 'No pictures, no words can explain Rohingya suffering'

 Image result for o allah improve the affairs of muslim umural muslimin

Credit: and Darul Murtadza

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Write and say so


I like M.T.Cicero, that celebrated Roman lawyer/writer/orator/statesman, cos he is real. Only someone who is real would say what he said. That "even if you have nothing to write, write and say so." LOL.

Yes, to be frank, I have nothing to write about yesterday and today's posting slot except to tell it as it is. That I have spent my weekend indoor being productive doing spring cleaning, cooking, reading the Quran, reading some positive stuff on Twitter and tweeting, and eating of course. Oh before I began all those activities, I went to KLCC mall for a while on Saturday to check out Tiffany's latest jewellery collection. LOL. Yes, I did! And bought some yummy salads from Isetan Food Store and a slice of cake from Bisou. Hah...hah... I am revealing my weekend "KLCC pit-stop ritual" to the public.

And this morning I walked to a stall to get my Nasi Lemak fix. LOL. Nasi Lemak is Malaysia's most popular breakfast consisting of rice flavoured with coconut milk, hard boiled egg, fried anchovies and squids sambal (hot sauce) and cucumber.

Oh, what did I cook for dinner? Chicken kurma cos it's easy peasy.

M.T.Cicero was a lawyer. I am courting a lawyer, a good looking one! Heh so? Yes, by reading the Quran regularly, a drop-dead handsome brilliant guy will be my loyal companion in the grave bi-iznillah.
I thank Allah for this tawfik-boost I have been experiencing. Alhamdulillah indeed. I pray Allah would grant you a good dose of tawfik too. Oh yes, you are included in my dua per verse 41 of Surah Ibrahim. "Rabbanaqfirli waliwalidaiya wa lil mukmini nayauma yaqumul hisab" - that Allah would forgive all believers on the Day of Reckoning.

It's a big day no doubt. Perhaps every year as we eagerly wait for our birthday like it's a sure thing and embrace it with merriment, we should also reflect on the inevitable Day of Reckoning cos it's a big deal - bigger than our birthdays. With each birthday we get closer to the ultimate big day - the Day of Reckoning.

So do you reckon you would do well on that big day? I ask myself.

Hope you have had a productive and pleasant weekend too. Let's embrace Monday and week no. 42.

Oh, dear Lord, we are getting closer to week 56. Time flies.

Time is of the essence.

Good night from KL.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Love is a piece of cake


Hope your Saturday was sweet and fattening.

But on a serious note
don't forget to make plenty of zikir
so that we have got something
with a good weight on the Scales.