Thursday, January 12, 2017

Because he/she worked for it, you have to work for it too


I am pretty sure when you were small, your father/guardian never told you how he dreamed of success. You just saw the fruits of his hard work. You got to enjoy the success he reaped from the work he put in. You still get to enjoy his success for as long as you live because he gave you education. That's a "living" success if you will. 

There is no fixed definition of success that could fit each person perfectly because our paths are different. Yet, there's only one definition for work - it means just that, work.

I was 17 when my late father bought me an Estee Lauder lipstick. For decades I took Estee Lauder for granted, as just another successful brand, until I saw this one saying by the woman who built the brand, who started building the brand in 1946.

I thought that's kinda masculine and raw a statement, coming from such a feminine beauty legend. It's like knocking some sense in your head, that you can't just put on a nice lipstick and sit and expect to be successful. You have got to work hard. That you shouldn't even be dreaming about success. That work is the only currency. That work is the only commodity.

I bet those people who're instrumental in your life, they were too busy working that you had no chance of hearing them talk about their dreams. They worked hard so you could taste their success. It's only fair that you work for it too because he/she had worked hard for it, for the love of you.

May Allah bless our parents/guardians for their hard work just so that we're adequately fed with tangible and intangible nourishments.

Amin Ya Rabb.

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