Monday, January 16, 2017

On choosing


Alhamdulillah for this new lesson I learned today - a du'a tweeted by Mufti Abdul Rahman. Some of you well-learned readers might already be familiar with this short yet powerful du'a. Mufti Abdul Rahman described it as a mini-istikhara prayer.

What is "more difficult' in our eyes may not necessarily be more difficult and bad in reality. Anything that appears to be "less difficult" may not necessarily be a better option. We are often clouded by our lower-self (nafs) when making a decision. We are often ignorantly biased towards a faster or easier option. We cannot possibly make an informed decision as good as the Lord, so let Him.

Is it possible that we choose a thing but not select it? It is quite possible that we choose one of two selections but we don't actually select it, as in carry out what we have chosen. It's quite possible, methinks.

May Allah keep us guided on the Straight Path.
Amin Ya Rabb.

Hope you have had a pleasant Monday. Hope you have made at least one person feels loved today ; )
Because there is only one happiness in life, that is to love and be loved.

Alhamdulillah May Allah shower His brilliant mercy and gifts onto each and everyone who loves us. May Allah give a long life to each and every single person whom we love because it's a wonderful blessing to have someone to love. May Allah forgive those whom we loved, who had passed on to the realm of barzakh. May Allah choose an everlasting peaceful and beautiful abode for them.
Amin Ya Rabb.


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