Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Waiter | Writer | Rooster


I was playing waiter a couple of hours ago. 

The father of Self Publishing, the late Dan Poynter said: "If you wait for inspiration to write, you are not a writer, you are a waiter."


If you make a waiter/waitress wait on you too long, you are not going to have anything eaten, soon. Similarly, if you wait too long for ideas to pop up, then you are not going to have anything written.  

To be frank, my mind is already in my hometown, excited about the upcoming Chinese New Year holidays. I have bought some lovely gifts for my Chinese reno-contractors. They have done a good job thus deserve a small gift. In case you didn't know it's the year of the rooster.

Gosh, as a Muslim we can't let the rooster beat us at Fajar. LOL. Let's see how many days will go to the rooster this year. May Allah grant us good health so that we are always fit enough to wake up early in the morning every single day.

Until the morning comes, I wish you a pleasant evening.
May tomorrow be better than today, in all aspects of life.

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