Friday, February 17, 2017

Cheer someone on | Change your life, strategy, story and state


Alhamdulillah we have come to the 7th week of the year. It's the 48th day into the new year 2017. 

When does a new year become old? LOL. It feels pretty new and upbeat still, to me.

I saw this tweet by one of my favorite motivators - Steve Gutzler. He asked if this week, we have set the standard? Be a leader? Ignore negativity? Promote solutions? Cheer someone on? Have fun?


It's Friday, so it's good to check on this week's performance. It's also good to ask ourselves those questions, if we have done any six of them in a major way, so far this year. Forty-eight days have passed already this year, we have done quite a bit I'm sure. 

This week, I'd say the highlight of my week was that I cheered someone on. I cheered on a lady for her hard-fought accomplishment. It felt good to have been able to make someone feel good about herself. Alhamdulillah.

Oh this week, I'm sure many of you have had some fun! It's relatively easy to have fun, to do item number 6, as compared to the other items. 

Oh...I would like to also cheer on a friend (N) who intends to pursue a Master's degree. Yes, we are told to make du'a so that Allah increases us in knowledge, which means we have to make an effort to pursue/further our studies to the highest level possible. And as Muslims, we should strive to be excellent in our respective fields. We have to do more than just good. We have to be great in our jobs. We should not settle for good. We gotta aim higher. 

"I'd rather aim high and miss, than aim low and hit", says Les Brown, one famous American speaker/author.

I learned something not-so-new today. It's about the 80-20 rule. It dawned upon me that we should not miss out on the 20% that could yield 80% in the hereafter. Reading a bit of Quran every day is the 20% which would bring 80% Return on Investment in our grave. Because the Quran will appear as a handsome man standing near our head when we die, while those alive get busy preparing to send us to the grave. The Quran will appear as a good looking man who refuses to leave us alone when Munkar & Nakir turn up to question us. When the questioning session is over, the good looking man would place a beautiful, scented, silk carpet for us to sleep on. He will not leave us alone until it's time for us to enter the Heavens, bi iznillah

Handsome male/female companion(s) on earth is just good while we are here roaming on this earth. She/he is no good 6 feet underground. LOL. Let's reserve 20% of our daily effort for reading the Quran, perhaps 20 minutes? Let's cheer someone on to read the Quran. I hope I have cheered you on.

I'd like to borrow these wise words of Tony Robins: "If you want to change your life, you have to change your strategy, you have to change your story and you have to change your state."

If we were to apply these to the habit of reading the Quran, we could say this:
If you want to change your "life" in the grave, you have to change the strategy on your daily routine by spending 20 minutes to read, that's like investing 20% only. By doing so, your story for the day will change. And, your state now and in the hereafter will be handsomely insured, more than 80% I reckon.      

[C'mon Eza, you can do it!]

Reference on shafaat from the Quran: Prof Ahmad Sathori Ismail


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