Saturday, February 4, 2017

Colors of our lives


Good morning folks.

Alhamdulillah to be up early and beat the rooster one more time LOL. We are still in the Gong Xi Gong Xi mood, aren't we?

So I learned from a Chinese contractor that he has to be with his family again for a special prayer, therefore all works could only resume next week. Yes, can't wait to be in Penang again soon InshaAllah.

Lanterns at Paragon Penang
during the Chinese New Year celebration week

More lanterns at Design Village Premium Outlet in Penang

Red, is, of course, the in color during this festivities. It is associated with prosperity and good luck. The Chinese believe that one should wear red or shades of red like pink, orange, yellow, purple or magenta. I think Malaysians do not have problems in this regard. We are a colorful nation throughout the year.

I think, at the psychological level, one should try choose a bright color for one's thoughts as it could impact the soul.


So let's think and dream in beautiful vivid colors!
Wish y'all a colorful and meaningful weekend!

From Orang Kampung with love,

Orang kampung = village dwellers

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