Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Coming back to February


Assalamualaikum warahmatullah
I hope all the genuine readers are doing well. You must be busy catching up with the new year as it is, believe it or not, February already. I have been occupied hence this back-dated posting to mark a beautiful sweet month called February. So coming back to 1st of Feb is sweeter than the setback of missing the opportunities to blog on time.

Quote credit: Wilson Luna

You all know the root word for tawba is to turn back. It is always a relief to turn back to our original pristine state after having distracted or diverted for a wee bit. Only those who have gotten derailed and who got puzzled after being lost would know the sweetness of returning home.

Having families and friends to help carry a flag so we know where to head back after having roamed somewhat far, is a blessing. 

Here's my favorite tweet of the day. 
"Life is filled with a lot of challenges, the last thing you need is people who try to drain your energy. So, find positive people!" - Steve Gutzler

On a positive note, should you ever feel your energy drained, go have some nice piece of cake all by yourself. Having a good dessert by yourself is ten times better than sitting/chatting with a negative person. LOL.

May Allah give us good companions, good laughter, good provisions and more good times so that our February will be fabulous, bi iznillah.

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