Tuesday, February 14, 2017

I love you | Shaykh Ninowy on the power of love


Is it a coincidence that I chanced upon a talk by Shaykh Ninowy regarding love on the 14th of Feb? Nah...actually the talk was given by Shaykh Ninowy on Friday 3rd of Feb at a local Islamic radio station in KL, Malaysia. The topic was: the power of love.

Yes, I'm sure many of you would have noticed that Shaykh Ninowy talks about love, a lot!  

Shaykh Ninowy began his talk with the usual greeting and added a lil something special, he said 'may the mahhabah of Allah be with you!'

He began by quoting verse 31 of Surah Ali Imran Allah tells the Prophet: "Say O Muhammad, if you do love Allah, then follow me, Allah will love you and forgive your sins."

The verse is unique in that it begins with love, it ends with love and in the middle is following the footsteps of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), it connects your love to Allah's love. That's the beauty of our religion, it starts with love, it ends with love and the connector to all love is Prophet Muhammad salallah alaihi wasalam. Our faith is about love. If there is no love there is no deen.

It's amazing how the phrase I love you, evokes such universal joy. It brings warmth to everyone. Even if people don't mean it, but especially when they do mean it. Simply saying and meaning 'I love you' to people, could change their life 180 degrees. The real reason for this is because we are created by Allah Al Wadud, the Most Loving. 

Shaykh Ninowy's talk was simply mesmerizing, I urge you to take a listen here:

Although the recording is interspersed with a bit of Malay language, I encourage you (foreigners) to ignore the non-English parts and just keep listening. Shaykh Ninowy explains how we are connected with the eternal love because it is Al Wadud who created us and we were already connected with Him in our primordial state and how we are connected to the love of the Prophet for 1400 over years as he expressed his love to see us his ummah, who never saw him, yet believe in him.   

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