Saturday, February 18, 2017

Plan B | Tiramisu (Cheer me up) | Defending Google


When in Penang, Plan B is always a better choice.

Yes, Alhamdulillah I am in Penang yet again. Praise be to the Lord for keeping me safe in my journeys to and fro for the past oh so many weekends.

I am talking about Plan B the eatery. 

But if your sidekick/best friend/soulmate's name starts with a B or if you call him/her B for baby or bae : D then Plan B is always a better choice when you are presented with Plan A and all the remaining 26 alphabets. LOL.

Yes, Plan B the eatery in Penang has got one of the best Ceasar Salads and Laksa Johor (Malaysian spicy fishy spaghetti). Ah...what a contrast Ceasar Salads and Laksa Johor you say, but yes, you can expect the unexpected at Plan B. That's why they say we must have Plan B in case the unexpected takes place. They even have Teh Tarik Tiramisu! If you know Malaysia, then you know Teh Tarik is our middle name. It's just milk tea the Malaysian way. Ah...yes they have Teh Tarik Tiramisu! That's like an Italian guy wearing kain pelikat really. LOL. 

[Kain pelikat = traditional Malay sarong worn by conservative men.]

It must be the salty caramel-ish air of this lovely balmy island. I tend to get a lil hyped-up when I am in Penang. Alhamdulillah. Penang is like a Tiramisu island. Tiramisu means cheer me up/pick me up/lift me up, so I learned from Google.

Speaking of Google, I feel sorry for him/her because there are many pious/self-righteous people who look down on Google as a source of reference for Islamic knowledge. I mean it's not its fault. We often hear ustaz/pious people poking fun at "Ustaz/Shaykh Google", poking fun at people who google up Islamic matters as if people would solely rely on Google for spiritual enlightenment. There are just too many pious men backbiting the innocent Google, believe me.

C'mon guys, at least Mr. or Mrs. Google won't laugh at you/look down on you if you were to ask "stupid" or basic questions. I have experienced some ustaz giving me a condescending look when I asked about something which they considered too basic. I have learned quite a bit about the deen through Google and I am not being apologetic about it. Mr Google opened doors to some shuyukh which I didn't have access to before. Mr Google shed a light on some topics of the religion which were foreign to me before. I can't possibly be phoning/whatsapping an ustaz if I suddenly have a burning question at night cos it's just inappropriate to do so. His wife might think I am after her husband LOL.

So, yes I defend the ever so neutral and helpful Google. Thank God for Google.

Rambling from my fave spot.
Alhamdulillah for His munificence.

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