Monday, February 6, 2017

Thank God for good appetite


Alhamdulillah I am grateful to have beaten the rooster again this morning. Gotta thank Allah for another chance called today. Gotta thank Allah for good health and good appetite.

I had spent the last few weeks visiting my uncle at the hospital. It was humbling to see how Allah removed the blessings of good appetite for food from so many people I saw at the hospital.

You may have plenty of cash but if you don't have a good appetite you won't want take a look even if there's a Michelin Star meals on the table before your eyes.

Let's be grateful for little daily things which we take for granted. May Allah grant us more for being humble at acknowledging His bounties no matter how small or mundane.

"Whenever you get an appetite, you feed yourself. Therefore, fill your belly on wisdom of things old and new. Only swallow the truth, lest you choke on the lies."
- Amaka Imani Nkosazana in Sweet Destiny

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