Saturday, February 11, 2017

This | Hada


One pious family friend, Hamid, had just passed away. I shall remember him always because he was one of only two persons who called me Hada instead of Eza. 

Google says Hada in the Arabic language means "this". All this while I thought hada means "to guide" like a verb to huda - guidance. Hada is also an Arabic Boy's name meaning the Myrtle tree. And that its origin is Hebrew, meaning: she who radiates joy.

I have had many pious people giving me all kinds of interpretations for my name. I know, roughly, what it means but I never really bothered about my "last name" Hada until this one friend of mine passed away. He was one man well known for his piety who performed the daily prayers in congregation most of the time. He was blessed with clairvoyance. The last time I saw Hamid was when my mother and I sent him and wife off for umrah. Sad to have learned from his wife that he was planning to visit my Penang home in December.

May Allah grant strength to his wife who seems to be severely affected by his passing. I wish I could impart some joy to her, but grief can only be healed through time. He is Time. He is the One who makes us laugh and cry.

Al Fatihah for Uncle Hamid.

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