Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Your hearing, your sight and your heart


Yet again, my Quran teacher imparted a simple but significant lesson.

Wa in Arabic means 'or' or 'and'. 

When I stopped my recital of verse 46 of Surah An'am at sam 'akum (meaning hearing), the ustaz pointed my mistake. That certain phrases must be read together as in the case of verse 46, sam'akum wa absorakum must be read together because it's a pair. It means "your hearing and your sight".

So, you can't stop at "and". You must finish the whole pairing or sentence or in this case a question. You must read the question in full or it would be meaningless. In the case of verse 46, it's a stern question from the Lord.

"Say, 'Have you considered if God were to take away your hearing and your sight, and seal up your hearts, who is the god other than Allah who could restore them for you?' See how we explain the signs! Yet, thereafter they turn away."


He could take them away, our hearing, our sight and He could also seal up our hearts. And if He were to do that, there is no other god who could restore them, except He.


May Allah have mercy on us. May He preserve our hearing. May He preserve our sight. May He preserve for us an illuminated heart. Ameen.

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