Friday, March 3, 2017

Being (unapologetically) myself, today and everyday


Ah...a lil bird told me I have got a bunch of "secret admirers" who would come near my house/office just to catch a glimpse of me. LOL. Yes. Only God knows the real intentions/motivation behind the somewhat silly actions people do.

I say: No need lah. I thought I've shared a good number of my photos here already? Two more below. LOL.

You know you are matured and have enough confidence in yourself when you don't care to apologize for being yourself. Or if people think you are unapologetically vain. LOL.

There are people who tried to talk me down. They say 'Ah you clever, you only post pretty photos of yourself.' As if I try to fool people into thinking I look a certain way when in truth I am ugly.

Gosh! My photos are for my self-keeping here on my personal space. I never forced anyone to visit this space and believe everything they read or see. LOL.

I wear a face of gratitude. I neither care about your definition of beauty. Nor your opinion of me. I don't care if you think my legs, fingers or eyelashes are not long enough. Or if my nose is fat and flat. Or if I am too tanned for your liking. I don't care if you regard me as 'satanic', whatever! I didn't start this blog to gain popularity. I am not fame-hungry.

I've got sufficient confidence and contentment to say: Allah Al Jameel - the Most Beautiful - has created me and all His other creations in the most beautiful way.


Always carry a handbag.
Never leave home without it.
Try as you might,
leave your eye-bags at home.

Have a rockin' day folks.


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