Saturday, March 18, 2017

Know your weaknesses


Saw this encouraging Tweet by World Changing Woman: "I am strong because I know my weaknesses."

It's kinda paradoxical but it makes sense. I like it. Because knowing one's weaknesses is good, it makes you humble and more sensible as opposed to not knowing your weaknesses. When a person is not aware of his/her weaknesses, he/she might blindly consider his/her weaknesses as strengths and then foolishly acts upon a weak foundation. Worse still, she/he arrogantly acts upon her/his weaknesses out of ignorance and pride. It reminds me of an Arabic term I heard from one ustaz - jahil murakkab. It means, double stupidity.

When you know your weaknesses, you would likely consult and seek help from people who are strong in those areas which you lack. It's good to not just reflect but also acknowledge our weaknesses. 

I have a poor vocabulary. I didn't know what mangrove, vicarious or hive off were, but I was quick to admit that I just didn't know those words then. We all work on our weaknesses every day. I try to write in English every day even though I have an embarrassingly poor vocabulary and grammar. It's the only way to learn and become good/better at something. 

So, let's embrace our weaknesses and build on our strengths by taking baby steps every day. I am all for kaizen. I am sure you are too.

[kaizen = the practice of continuous improvement. It's a Japanese business philosophy/work ethics.]

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