Friday, March 10, 2017

Overcome.TV | Do you find yourself inclining towards Islam? Come on over!


I discovered this awesome mission known as when I visited the RIS Convention Bazaar at the Putrajaya International Convention Center, Malaysia last Sunday (5th of March 2017). 

Brother Fahed Bizzari is the founder of He and his team publish interviews of Muslim reverts every week so that would-be converts who are inclined towards Islam could get a better perspective of the religion and learn from the experiences of other converts. The concept, as stated in website is: "to help borderline converts push forward in their journey to God. Until now, these people have gone by unnoticed and ignored, though they actually deserve much of our attention."

Alhamdulilah wa shukrulillah, a sister and a brother at the booth showed me how I could play a small part to ensure could continue being a medium of daawah. You may wish to donate on a monthly basis or contribute any one-off amount.        

I didn't get the chance to properly watch their videos at the RIS Convention Bazaar, but when I did catch up on their work through website, I found myself humbled at seeing how bumpy the path could be for converts. It also made me feel in awe at seeing how beautiful Allah charts out their unique path to Islam. As a born Muslim, listening to the converts' stories has heightened my iman. I realised, hidayah (guidance) from Allah is something that we should continuously nurture, it's definitely something we should never take for granted.    

I encourage you to watch this inspiring story of how Abdalhamid found Islam three decades ago, through a Muslim community in Norwich. Watching a convert's story once a week could be a good way to keep us born-Muslims motivated and be grateful always for Allah's blessings. representative
at the RIS Convention Bazaar in Malaysia
4-5 March 2017
Do you find yourself having some extras from your monthly salary? Why not contribute USD20 on a monthly basis, at the minimum, so that our brothers and sisters at could continue documenting convert stories and pave the way for borderline converts to find the Truth and achieve tranquility of the heart, bi-iznillah.
May Allah continue to make our hearts inclined towards helping His deen. May Allah let us have the honor of returning to Him with qalbun saleem - a heart that is sound and unblemished. Ameen.

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