Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Ahliz zikri | People with knowledge


A reminder from my Quran teacher when we came to verse 7 of Surah Anbiya. He said:

"Always refer to people with knowledge. We must do something based on firm knowledge and certainty, and not based on assumption. Therefore, we have to refer to ahliz zikri." 

"Fas alu ahlaz zikri. Refer to people who possess the right knowledge. We don't know how to fix the car's AC, so we have to refer to the car specialist. We are not sure what medication to take, we must refer to the GP."

Oh sure, I must thank Allah and pray for the long list of ahliz zikri who have assisted me in many areas related to my projects, so that Allah grant them more knowledge and reward them with extraordinary bounties. Ameen.

Wa ma ar sal na qob laka 
illa rijalan nuhi ilaihim
fas aluu ahlaz zikri
in kuntum la taqlamun

Oh by the way, someone asked me for more information on Salawat Zaatiyah. If you are reading this, kindly refer to ahliz zikri, I am not one of them. I merely shared the salawat as taught to me by one shakyh and I did not get the chance to ask him for more background info of the salawat. And to all others who had asked me very specific/high level questions on matters of the religion, please know that I am not an ustazah. I am not an ahliz zikri. This place is for me to document my lessons. Sorry, I don't know much. Sorry to disappoint you.

: )

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