Thursday, April 13, 2017

Educated mind | Beautiful mind


Now I know why Aristotle is who he is. I am reluctant to say "was" cos he seems to be very relevant and true in this saying below. You know there are plenty of definitions for a person being "clever", "educated" or "intelligent", but I thought Aristotle's definition of an educated mind is so damn on point!

How many thoughts do we entertain in a day, in an hour, or in a minute, for that matter? It can get incredibly overwhelming. So thank Allah we must, if He gives us the mental capability, the tawfik (strength) to master our thoughts, as in control which of the thoughts that we want to accept and which thoughts we want to kick out.

We must also thank Allah for giving us a beautiful mind that is able to appreciate the unique gifts He grant us, so we don't care to keep up with the Joneses [especially if the Joneses has got a poor taste LOL].

Seriously, we have to own our mind and be a master of our own thoughts. It doesn't matter if the Joneses like to compete/copy us. There will always be people who are envious because our grass is greener. But, it does not matter because our minds are for entertaining better, more meaningful and more pleasant thoughts.

I think that's why they say: "Beauty starts in your head, not in your mirror."

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