Thursday, April 20, 2017

Friday eve | Elevate the Words of Allah


Maghrib on the eve of Friday, as we all know, is the beginning of auspicious times. It's good to be sensitive about how we use each hour of the blessed times. It's time to read Surah Al Kahfi or any sacred Words of His that one can afford to read.

Let's choose to spend the time to elevate the Words of Allah, for that would be better than to "elevate" or raise one's voice for any other reasons. We are asked to beautify our voice when we recite the Quran. How beautiful a reminder is that? For one's voice cannot possibly be beautiful when it's at a high pitch in a quarrel.  

Tonight, I realized I have begun to miss reading the Quran with my coach, as our lessons have to be postponed. I think you could say a teacher is good at its craft and sincere at that when the student begins to yearn for knowledge and progress. And in the case of Quran recital, its melody, its rhythm, its aura and its nur.

May Allah keep us pure and grant us the tawfik to continually enliven our homes with the sacred sounds of the Holy Book. Ameen.

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