Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Get a life | Stay sane


A lil bird told me a lonely woman (a spy-reader) has been combing my blog postings from the previous years checking my photos. Photos of me and my homes. I might have inadvertently made some men fall for me. LOL. Now, do I have a woman having a crush on me? LOL. 

I guess there are many sick people out there who got nothing better to do, despite having a handful of grandchildren already. I can imagine these people being sane only for a couple of days in a week and on other days they could go berserk, shouting, making drama as if they feed on it. I can imagine them staying up to spy on people and then miss their subuh. LOL.

May Allah protect us from having such mental/heart disease. We ought to thank Allah for the good things we have. And for NOT having the negative things that plagued some people. But we must thank these people for showing us who we do NOT want to be.

Says: Gina Carey

"Beware of the insight (firasah) of the believer. Verily, he sees with the light of Allah."
- Hadith At Tirmidhi

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