Saturday, April 8, 2017

Historical Penang | His-Story


My mother and I attended a forum at the Penang Institute, aimed to create awareness on the history and biodiversity at Jerejak island, a small island to the southeast of Penang island. It's also known as the Alcatraz of Malaysia. The forum concluded with eight resolutions to be presented to the Penang state government in anticipation of the proposed development for Jerejak Island which many feared will cause much destruction to the island.

I was delighted to have met two historians/authors at the event and obtained their autographs. I think historians deserve a better recognition and attention from the society as compared to the celebrities in the entertainment industry. The former makes us think and reflect on useful knowledge whereas the latter provides infotainment at best.

History, in my opinion, is, in fact, His (the Almighty) story. It's about His af'al (actions) through time. It's about His manifestations through time. Thus, He is Time.

May Allah grant us the capacity to recognize His attributes and actions on the horizons and in ourselves.

Mike Gibby is author of 'Penang Hill: A Journey through time'
He is a British-born educator who has spent the majority of his life in Southeast Asia.

Khoo Salma Nasution is a Penang-born historian who authored a must-read publication (for Penangites especially) entitled 'The Chulia in Penang -- Patronage and Place-making Around the Kapitan Kling Mosque 1786-1957'

My mother and me with another participant at the forum held at the Penang Institute.
[Smart girls attend eye-opening talks regardless of their age. Smart girls make ideas work 😉] 

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