Saturday, April 22, 2017

Lights of love


If and/or when my mother is happy, I am happy : )

I just can't get enough of my new fave lepak (hang out) place at my Penang home in Gelugor. Did you (referring to Malaysians) know that Gelugor is one of earliest Muslim settlements in Penang? The first or the earliest settlement might have been Datuk Keramat circa 1700 and then Batu Uban (neighbor of Gelugor) in 1734 and then possibly Gelugor in 1749. Jelutong is another location of one of the early settlements but I'm not sure of the exact sequence. Datuk Keramat was a sufi from Acheh who was known to seclude for long periods of time along Pinang River. He was well known for his miraculous powers, hence the name "Keramat" or karamah.

The person who founded Batu Uban, Haji Muhammad Saleh was also a pious sufi from Indonesia (Paya Kumbu/ Sumatera). His piety had attracted many scholars, knowledge seekers and aspirants to Batu Uban including those from Arabia (Mekah and Yemen). Even the Sultan of Kedah came to learn from him. He was not only a scholar, he was a capable seafarer, merchant and plantation manager. Batu Uban used to be a port that attracted many visitors before Penang Port became big and popular. 

Datuk Jannatun who established possibly the third earliest Muslim settlement in Penang, in Gelugor in 1749 (my village) was also a pious man from Sumatera. Haji Muhammad Saleh and Datuk Jannatun were buddies. I have mentioned it before and I will mention it again, Yusof Ishak, the first president of Singapore is a descendant of Datuk Jannatun. I think anyone associated with Datuk Jannatun, the Gelugorians I mean, they are a special breed: D 

If you doubt what I said then go read up history books related to Penang, if you've got the time and interest. And please don't mess with us Gelugorians or I will call upon my Sufi forefathers and make them knock some sense on your head! LOL. 

The photo below is not related to the context of what I just wrote. Who cares? LOL. It's here on this space of mine cos I am happy to marvel at it knowing that my mother is happy at home in Gelugor. Alhamdulillah.

I think I am kinda smart because my mother Mazenah is smart.
Heh heh...
Thank you Allah for my mother.
She emits lights of love.

Early History of Penang - edited by Muhammad Haji Saleh/USM 
Batu Uban: Sejarah Awal Pulau Pinang - by Ahmad Murad Merican
The Chulia in Penang - by Khoo Salma Nasution

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