Sunday, April 23, 2017

Mikraj | Closing in


On the eve of the day associated with Israk Mikraj, it might be good to reflect on our relationship with the Almighty, if indeed it's measured by "distance" then how far or close are we?

We have heard this question being posed by a couple of shuyukh. "Allah is close to you, but how close are you to Allah?"

I think the aim is to be continually conscious of His presence while He is continuously present and omni-present.

I remember a saying describing a person who is forgetful, that is one who is not in the state of making zikir (remembrance), is in fact a dead man. It's true, for how can a thing be alive if he/she is detached from Al Hay, due to forgetfulness and negligence. Perhaps, that's why we heard from the scholars about the importance of saying bismillah in any act that we are about to do, for only by saying bismillah, can we be connected with the blessings of Allah Ar Rahman Ar Rahim. That is one of the meanings of bi or ba in bismillah.

May Allah increase us in knowledge and makrifah and improve our akhlak.

May Allah continue to bless us in the remaining days of Rajab, bless us in Shaaban and grant us the opportunity to meet with Ramadhan. May Allah honor us with the capability to take full advantage of Ramadhan in the manner that will deliver us to safety and felicity in this world and in the hereafter. Ameen.

From Surah Qaf, verse no. 6.
May Allah be kind and compassionate and protect our faith
from any cracks that could increase the rifts between us and Him.
May our faith be completely sealed and fully cemented
so there is not even a tiny space
for shirik and kufur.

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