Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The benchmark of understanding, judgment and knowledge


Alhamdulillah, my Quran lesson has resumed after a short break. May Allah grant my ustaz and his family sihah wal afiah and much heavenly bounties. Ameen.

I have got to place my notes here for ease of reference because Ustaz has asked me to memorize Verse 79 of Surah Anbiya and make it a daily wirid. (Since I haven't. Those of you who have and who are "holier" than me, please kindly stop reading now and go mind your own business. LOL).

Yes, we ask for understanding from Allah, but what kind of understanding? What is the benchmark? So, now I know, the kind of understanding that Allah has granted to Prophet Sulaiman is what we should pray and ask from Allah. What kind of sound judgment and knowledge we should aim for? That which was given to Prophet Sulaiman and Daud. 

Fa fahimna Sulaiman
wa kullan aa taina
hukman wa 'il ma
wa sakh kharna ma 'ad Dawud
dal jiba la yusab bih na wat thoir
wa kunna fa 'ilin

To Sulaiman We inspired the (right) understanding,
to each (of them) We gave
judgment and knowledge,
it was Our power that made the hills and the birds
celebrate our praises,
with Dawud
it was We Who did (all these things).


I shall practise and benefit from verse 79 of Surah Anbiya, bi-iznillah and I rejoice thinking how much benefit I could get if some of you readers will memorize and practise it too. Thank God for compounded rewards : )

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  1. SubHan Allah,

    Mawlana Sheikh Nazim Haqqani was a great Murshad,

    I was one of his mureed since 2012,

    Now I miss him a lot, please make dua prayer for me and all of us.