Friday, April 28, 2017

Welcoming Shaaban


A day to be thankful, for we have come to the blessed month of Shaaban in good health - good mental health, emotional health, and physical health.

We seek refuge in Allah from being busy on matters that do not concern us and that are not beneficial to us in this dunya and the hereafter. We say Alhamdulillah, for the strength to utilize our time productively.

May Allah continue to bless us with life so we are able to see Ramadan with bigger himmah.

Today, let's choose to be kind, and choose to be positive - it's a simple attitude that could make a big difference for people around us and ourselves. We all know making a difference goes way farther than making an impression. And don't discount simple things for they can mean a lot.

Wish y'all a pleasant and fruitful weekend.

Like the simple pleasures of a cup of coffee and a plain cake, when you are under stress, working on your projects. Yes, a simple coffee and cake combo can mean a lot! I know, come Ramadan at around 5 pm, somewhere, I might be thinking of this coffee and cake moment. LOL.


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