Tuesday, May 30, 2017

4th Ramadan 1438 H | Lord seeker


Seek neither this world nor the Hereafter.
Seek the Lord of the Worlds and the Hereafter.

The world is a bridge. There's no need to over-decorate a bridge because we will cross to the end and leave it behind anyway. The Hereafter is like candy to those who seek a handful of rewards.

The shaykh says, in other words, [in my own silly interpretation] be close to the candy-maker. I think it makes sense. If we are close to a candy-maker, he could spin up a cotton candy anytime. But cotton candy is like a shell, we are supposed to be near to the kernel - the sugar - the Source.

The Shaykh also say: we must give attention and interest to those who love us for our sake and not for their sake.

In any case, this Ramadan, let's spend more time to speak to the Lord, than speak to the mortals.

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