Saturday, May 20, 2017

A Tile For Seville - Global Crowd Funding Campaign to build a mosque in Seville


Alhamdulillah wa shukrulillah, I was pleased to learn that the fund raising to build a proper mosque in Seville has reached quite a good milestone. According to the campaign's official website 'A Tile For Seville' a total of US$ 1.29 Million has been raised so far. It's a long way to go to hit the target of US$ 17.9 Million, but nothing is too difficult should Allah want to make it easy.

The first time I heard about the campaign was two years ago when Ibrahim Hernandez visited my place in KL in 2015 and we recorded a video of him speaking about the need for some 25,000 Seville Muslim residents to have a bigger and proper mosque and Islamic center. Please refer to the interview video below as published on Al Falah TV YouTube channel. For the record, that's how a group of amateur part-timers first started the YouTube channel. We did not have a big camera, nor proper knowledge but we had a big heart of wanting to share the "cries" of our Spanish friends then.

We are indeed glad that Ibrahim and his team had in 2016 forged a cooperation with a Malaysian NGO known as Ukhwah For Ummah (UFU) to further help with the fundraising. Recently, the UFU had launched a second bigger campaign spearheaded by seven celebrity-icons from Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. ACT, an Indonesian NGO from Indonesia is also involved in this second campaign.

I am pleased to share with you TWO important links:
  • the official video published by Mezquita de Sevilla about the situation in Seville. Click here.
  • the official website for 'A Tile For Seville' Click here where you could donate 1 tile (US$479) or half a tile (US$239.50) or a quarter tile (US$119.75) through three payment channels catered for Spanish & International donors, Malaysian donors and Indonesian donors.
Come on Lisan al-Din readers, I know many of you are doctors, surgeons, dentists, lawyers, engineers, corporate leaders, entrepreneurs, housewives with big savings and big heart, you all can afford ONE tile, or half a tile, or a quarter tile, bi-iznillah.

The last time the Seville Muslims had a mosque with a grand minaret was in 1248, that year during the Reconquista, the city's mosque was converted to a church. The minaret of the mosque was then made into a bell tower known as La Giralda. The bell tower (former minaret) is now an iconic tourist attraction in Seville. In 1987, the UNESCO listed La Giralda (former minaret) as a World Heritage Site.

So, when you contribute a tile for building a mosque in Seville, you can imagine yourself as a redeemer of our pride - Muslims' pride. You will have helped redeem a glory that we lost 769 years ago.     

I'd like to wish Ibrahim & team at Mezquita de Sevilla all the very best.
Success is without a doubt, by Allah and for Allah.


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