Saturday, May 6, 2017

Damn the evil eyes - the haasid and the 'aain


I have to admit, I am an introvert and I don't like aimless "networking" but it's inevitable. On occasions, we find ourselves being in a crowd we are uncomfortable with. I know it's considered rude to not look at a person in the eyes when talking. But wallahi, I have never met a person, a man, who looked at me sharp and straight in the eyes like he was trying to cast a spell on me.       

So I thought, let's remind myself of the danger of evil eyes. I found this information shared by Sister Khawlah bint Yahya very useful. She is from the "Understand the Quran Academy". May you benefit from it too.

"Everyone who puts the evil eye on another is envious, but not every envier puts the evil eye on another. The word haasid (envier) is more general in meaning than the word 'aain (one who puts the evil eye on another), so seeking refuge with Allah from the one who envies includes seeking refuge from Him from the one who puts the evil eye on another. The evil eye is like an arrow which comes from the soul of the one who is envied and on whom the evil eye is put; sometimes it hits him and sometimes it misses. If the target is exposed and unprotected, it will affect him, but if the target is cautious and armed, the arrow will have no effect and may even come back on the one who launched it." [Ibn al Qayyim, Zaad al-Ma'aad]   

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I must thank my late father for teaching me one of the things to do as advised by Sister Khawlah, that is to recite A'uzubika lima tillah hitamma min shar rima kholak.
 أعوذ بكلمات الله التامات من شر ما خلق

I seek refuge in the complete words of Allah from the evil in what He has created.
This one experience I had a couple of years back, I CANNOT forget: one haasid and 'aain (a Sharifah) belittled me for living in a "cheap condo". She might have spied on my business registration details or something and discovered my old address, so she thought/assumed I had become poor that I had to move out from my current "luxurious" residence. So she sent me a text message poking fun at me. Can you believe a supposedly pious Sharifah did that? Perhaps she should open a company and call it "Haasid & Aain". LOL. And I think a mother who has a couple of young unmarried daughters should not be too quick to insult other women. At least I don't go around taking photos with all kinds of men and have my hands all over them. Mind your own girls before you even think of looking down on other women! Good luck with protecting your family's image.

Anyway, I thank Allah for Allah has given me a more beautiful home as compared to the haasid's. I pray Allah grant plenty of barakah to all the good stuffs He has sent into my life. And yes, let us all pray so that the evil eye arrows go back to all the haasids and 'aains out there.

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