Sunday, May 21, 2017

Eid mood already


I mingled with a bunch of elderlies, again LOL.
I think senior citizens like me : D

This time I was with a group of veteran singers from Singapore. One of them is a superstar as far as Malay Eid songs are concerned. Her name is Sanisah Huri. She was one of the top songstress in the 60s. I wasn't born yet but like the majority of Malaysians and Singaporeans, I recognized her voice in classic Eid songs which are still popular to this day. Eid al-Fitri or Raya as we call it in Malaysia, would be dull and incomplete without these classic songs.

It's kinda surreal to be at the gathering (mini-show) because it was almost a year ago that I sat next to a lyricist who wrote a handful of popular Eid songs. It was in Ramadan. And this year, it's almost Ramadan, I was invited by the lyricist to attend a private function where veteran artists performed their evergreen songs! It was a treat I thoroughly enjoyed.

I know many of you foreign readers would not be appreciative of this Eid song which I recorded at the event, but the lyrics are simple yet meaningful indeed. It's about people being joyful during Eid and calls for us to forget our past/pain, and to start fresh so that our hearts will not hold any grudges or sorrow.


I have got another clip, but let's save it for Raya : )

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