Sunday, May 14, 2017

Eternal garden bliss | Exert for one's love


Alhamdulillah wa shukrulillah for my mother. Alhamdulillah for the opportunity to do something special for my mother, yet again.

The last time my mother was delighted big time was when I had a custom design blinds made for her alfresco garden kitchen. That was like a month ago I reckon.

This weekend I labored hard putting together a DIY garden all for her sake. May Allah keep us together in this dunya for the longest time and may we remain together in a more beautiful abode in the akhirah, Ameen.

So I have been busy driving back and forth to the plants' nursery. It's unbelievable the amount of tawfiq/strength Allah could give on account of the love we have for someone special. I still can't comprehend how I managed to handle 49 bags of 28-liter soil. [I checked the conversion table and that equals to 1,372 kg!] Yes, and planted about 40 new plants. In hindsight, it looks like a ridiculous kinda task, but I managed it all for the Queen of my heart, Alhamdulillah I am pleased with the results indeed. It's 90% complete. There's only one 8-feet planter box undone cos I could not source for the right kind of Jasmine.   

Yes, this is a special occasion that deserves a posting, so that it's documented and I could someday look back and know how old the plants are. Photos of three other planter-boxes (bread flowers, piper betel and one unidentified species) are not here though, let's wait for them to mature a wee bit more InshaAllah.

This could be Red Star.
Too tired to remember all their names.  Or this might be Coleus.


Multi-colored Vinca, Petunia
and "Maroon shrub" [God knows what its scientific name is LOL] 

Ahh...this fern is extra special because it's my mother's favorite
when she was in her 30s.
There is a photo of 3 years old me standing next to a row of this fern which she planted.
This is a 'before depotting' photo.
before they were planted onto the intended planter box.
Looks/sounds easy but NAY, no way, it was tough handling 49 bags of 28-liter soil and dozens of potted plants.
My nails are all broken and blackish. No, didn't use glove somehow.
But it's all worth it : )

OK folks, my body is aching like crazzzzyyyy, I have to take some muscle relaxants now LOL. 

I hope my nieces and nephews who read this posting will learn a little something, that we must always be willing to exert ourselves and dirty our hands gladly for the sake of our mother.

May Allah grant my mother good health and a long blessed prosperous life. I hope she will consider this small gesture of mine to be equivalent to 100 bouquets of flowers that will never fade but that which will grow even more beautiful over the years.

: )

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