Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Happy Teachers' Day


Exactly a week ago, my Quran teacher texted me saying he could not teach cos he got drenched in the heavy rain. MashaAllah!

The challenges our teachers have to go through, to impart knowledge to us.

I hate to imagine the feeling.
Imagine having to ride a bike some 20 km and then it starts to rain, then you stop to put on a rain coat and continue your journey in the rain and when you arrive at the destination, you feel glad you are on time as always, but then you realize you can't have class anyway as you are all soaked. Feeling cold, you wait for a while before making your way home, another 20 km and the wind makes you colder.

Perhaps in his mind, he thought, "Hmm...my student missed the opportunity of reading 15 pages of Quran, else she would have moved on to Surah Al Furqan."
For the sacrifices that our teachers have to make, we pray Allah increase them in knowledge and wisdom even more. That they enjoy good health, a long fruitful and prosperous life and that their children will receive the best education one could get. Ameen.

Only teachers who are passionate about teaching can make students truly passionate about learning.

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