Monday, May 1, 2017

May "May" be merry


I have always loved this day - the 1st of May. 

Everyone who considers himself/herself a hardworking worker/labor/executive/manager/Boss etc. all, everyone loves the 1st of May cos we get the day off for being who we are - labors. [Except maybe nurses/doctors/security personnel/O&M guys/the sales people at the malls and all others who are on duty.]

We have this unique sense of achievement. It's a special feeling that those lazy bums can only imagine until they go out and face the working world which is full of challenges. It goes without saying that at work, we have to deal with all kinds of people and not everyone is supportive, sweet and pleasant. Sometimes you have to tolerate with the not-so-well mannered men who love throwing dirty jokes or the f-word at least twice a week. Some of them even physically harass their "chosen" women. They like to make fun about women having menses, about women being a not-so-capable typical lady boss. On some days like one day last week, I was glad I was confident enough to "throw it back" at these type of men at work. I told them, when they were complaining about Mr. X's irrational behavior, I said, "Perhaps Mr X is having PMS!" LOL.  

I also get upset when some men [who devote their time to doing zikir and seclusion most of the time/if not full time, on the pretext of doing a service to the religion] ask for money from us working women. I mean if I have got the choice, I would go into seclusion full time too, so I might get an express VIP ticket to the Heavens, but I can't.

I think working women should be given two days off - on the first and the second of May. Or maybe three days, because we are three times a lady. So please never mind us when we reward ourselves with cool, pretty stuffs. 

May the month of May be merry for you and me : )
May the Most Generous Almighty be extra generous in this month of May.

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