Thursday, May 4, 2017

Meow from MuEzza in Kuching Sarawak


Managed to put together this custom do-it-myself cat costume, despite the hectic schedule the past few days - the paws, the vest, the shoes, the tail (not seen in this pic though). All except the pretty hair band.

And you thought, I was square. LOL.

There's a cat in all of us 🐱

It's sunnah to adore and care for cats, we all know that! And according to a popular folktale, Muezza was Prophet Muhammad's favorite cat.


"If there were to be a universal sound depicting peace,
I would surely vote for the purr."
- B.L. Diamond

It's official I was one of 400+ "cats" who made Kuching city clinched the Guinness World Records for the largest number of people gathered in cat costumes. Big meowwwww indeed!


  1. heh heh...just for fun, N.
    You know I have a soft spot on Kuching ; )