Thursday, May 11, 2017

Mid-Shaaban Prayers


Alhamdulillah wa shukrulillah.
That Allah has granted us life and provision up until the middle of Shaaban.
That He has prevented illness from us so we could fast properly and do good deeds in good health.
That He makes us rise above the rituals so that we move from majoring in the minor and not lose sight of that which is more significant and meaningful.
That we are given maturity on matters of spirituality.
That He guides our tongues to plead for the unique gifts which He intends to give.
Glory be to Him, the Most Generous and Compassionate Lord who creates time and hides within it extraordinary bounties on auspicious occasions and choose amongst the lucky ones as worthy recipients of His Treasures.
May we belong among the select fortunate souls honored with Divine gifts, on this special day and every day of our lives.

"Oh Allah grant us a part of Your fear,
that acts as a barrier between us and disobedience
that helps us achieve Your pleasure
the certainty that makes the miseries of the world insignificant."

"Oh Allah, make us enjoy our hearing,
our sight, our strength,
as long as You keep us alive."

"Make us rise against those who oppress us,
and help us against those who show animosity towards us.
Place not miseries in our religion
and let not this world be our biggest concern
nor the extent of our knowledge.
And do not appoint over us
one who has no mercy on us,
by Your Mercy,
Oh Most Merciful of the Merciful."

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