Friday, May 5, 2017

Satok Market in living color


Satok Market is arguably one the world's prettiest markets, methinks. Visit Malaysia, Visit Sarawak and visit Kuching y'all. When I saw curry leaves carefully arranged and packed like that (pic below)...WOW!

I'll let you enjoy these pretty sights. I think if a market could give you the urge to rush home and cook (especially those who only cook four times a year max) then it should be on the Top 20 World's Best Markets!

Curry leaves
excite Penang women the most, I bet. [Maybe the men too. LOL]
Freshness A+, Presentation A+, Price = freaking cheap!

Pretty pumpkins simply pump up one's excitement at Satok Market 

Stacked up with love

French beans on a matching table mat!
Prettier than Parisian girls. LOL.

And they've got this superior quality salted fish.

Those who are keen on cooking would surely get goosebumps
just looking at this

And look at these pretty tasty ketupat rockets.

And then just across the road is a newly opened cake shop. For the benefit of our foreign visitors, I must mention here that Sarawak layer cakes are a must-buy item. It's like God has diverted all cake baking knowledge from all other states in Malaysia and send it to Sarawak. LOL.
The best part is: you get to taste free samples (plenty of them) before you purchase.

Exquisite layer cakes at Mira Cake House.
Layered with love

OK this much I could share while I am still here in Kuching, Sarawak.

Remember to always layer your day with lots of love and laughter.

This is how Sarawakians express their love:
Kamek sayang kitak.

Pempuan Kuching ya kacak gilak aie
 [Kuching girls are damn pretty]
: D

I am a Penang girl : )

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