Sunday, May 7, 2017

The starting place | Guinness World Records - Record Holder


They say: home is the starting place of love, hope and dreams.

Yes, I don't mind driving for four hours to go back to my starting place. Who cares about having smudged eyeliners after a long drive home?! I don't. LOL.

Alhamdulillah thank Allah we must for keeping us safe in our journeys.

To be honest, I was feeling exhausted from my trip to Kuching, Sarawak,  I had missed my daily postings for a couple of days. As I try to catch up on back-dated postings, I realize the more I try to impart some positive vibes here, the faster I heal from the mental and physical lethargy.

That's why they say, the more you give, the more you get.
: )

Wish y'all a productive week. Go break some world records!
This record holder is a lil tired but it's all worth it.
Next target: Big fat grants in US Dollars, bi-iznillah, why not?
All we have to do is just believe that good things are on their way!

Guinness World Records
- Record Holder I am : )
Look at that face, not easy to be a world record holder LOL

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